Requesting insight from The Captain

  • Thanks in advance for your help. DOB is 12-01-59. Husbands is 8-11-62. Can you do a reading please, on what you may see regarding our finances for the future?

  • If you two can rein in some of your more impulsive impatient decisions regarding money and the way you spend it, you'd have more of it. Your financial future is determined by the good money sense you develop now. You especially Sellstar have very poor judgment when it comes to money. You both must practise utmost honesty with regards to money and not value it over service. You must release your negative beliefs about it that makes you sabotage or fight your own efforts at acquiring or saving money. The key to your financial success: You can make as much money as you allow yourself to. So dig out those bad ideas about money and toss them away. Money is neither a good nor bad thing - it is what people do with it that counts.

    There is actually a lot of abundance around you two but your negative feelings are keeping it from you. Chnage you atttitude and change your situation.

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I will study what you have said, to grasp understanding. I know I will have questions And need to give you some details., for futher insight from you. I hope you have a wonderful holiday. Thanks again.

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