Pets that have passed on

  • I need help trying to figure out why I keep seeing my cat that passed on. I have tried to find answers searching the net, but havent found anything really. I resucued this cat and he was of great comfort when I was unemployed & my relationship was in turmoil. He was always waiting for me when I came home & he would watch over me when I was sleeping. I keep seeing him by my front door or when I am cooking or cleaning the kitchen. he crawled off to the woods & died but I havent been able to find him to bring him home

  • He was a big part of your life (like family) and you miss him terribly.

    You will heal faster if you get another cat and will feel comfortable again.

  • Thank you for responding magickal

    I do have another cat but he is not like the one that died. he justs comes & goes & he is actually my son's cat. I just got thru cleaning the kitchen and there was my cat just sitting there looking at me & then he was gone. sometimes I think he is still watching over me

  • Dear shadowmist,

    When my female cat was put to sleep, I stayed with her that day and that night I saw her shadow in the hallway by our bedroom door as she slept on my feet, my other cat that I had would not come into the bedroom that night until I told her it was alright too.

    The next day we had a big bay window in our bedroom and my cat that was with me was sitting on the floor by the window and her head was shifting right and left like she was following something, I'm sure that it was Candy the kitty I had to put to sleep. Candy loved me so much and me her that she wanted to stay around and make sure I was OK. I went into my second bedroom the next day and the cat blanket that Candy slept on in that room was still there at the end of the bed. I turned around from the computer and there was Candy fast asleep on that blanket, I reached for her and she disappeared. I still can feel her from time to time when I don't feel well she will come and jump up on the bed, of course I can not see her but I feel her. This is proof to me that there is life after death and she will be one of the first animal I had in my life to greet me at Heaven's Door.

    Take it as an honor and great show of love that your kitty is visiting you to make sure you are alright.


  • thank you for the insight Shaubby I do feel calm when he stays for more than a few seconds

  • Shadowmist, if you have a picture of that cat, I can try and talk to him.

  • Dear shadowmist,

    Just a quick note to chime in. You saw your pet because you have the gift of clairvoyance (meaning clear seeing) and your cat was here to show you that he is with you. Pets have spirits just like we do...and they go to Heaven just like we do, crossing over to the other side. Your cat was not with you to alarm you, but to just be with you. When it's your time to die, all of your pets will be there to greet you and be with you.

    Your pets have angels too!

    Angel blessings,

    Miss Beth

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