Lost :(

  • hi,

    my bf and i had a pretty bad fight few weeks ago over something really minor. he wanted 2 weeks to think things through and decided that it's best that we go our seperate ways. 😞 a day after, he told me he wants to give it another try as he realize he really enjoyed the times when we were tgt. things went back to normal (or so i thought) for a few days before he suddenly told me he want out!

    i'm feeling really confused. could anyone see anything that i might have missed out? or is there any possibility of him coming back to me? 😞 thanks a lot.

  • Lost? Spirit shows me big round eye glasses. Your perspective is your power but you have given your power away in this relationship. Not a good place to be regardless of the sparks. You can learn something about yourself by understanding why you feel lost without him. You can feel grief at the loss but I feel a neediness in you --fear based-- that attracts this kind of relationship where the man has wasted your energy you focus on him and the uncertainty of your relationship. Only controlers shut you out with out honest explenation--gode you into thinking you did something wrong or did not do enough. You feel out of control--lost--that's the symptom of a controler. Both of you are too wounded for love yet it is human to feel that need--God made us to love. You will both stay attracted until one rises above and the other either grows some too or you find another to continue your life's journey towards wholeness. Your challange is to know your shadow side and forgive yourself and be aware of it's exhistance. There must be a detachment from the pain long enought to see your childhood and your evoronment and who you were born to be. The mirror between you two are abandonment issues. Abandonment wounds wether physical or emotional play out in relationships that have very strong feelings of compulsion--an out of control feeling to the attraction. Often these are our shapeshifter relationships---often karmic and a pact made before birth to help each other heal. This is free will to be honest with yourself about your intention to know if he will be in your future. You know what you have to do to test that and spirit encourages you to face your fear and let go and trust he either is committed to having a relationship or not. You need to find the balance in your life to be sad about one aspect but still have joy. To be joyfull in your own life will attract the change you are looking for. Your journey right now is learning what love is--what it really feels like Will he "make you happy"?.You can ask many pyschics that question but as you are beginning to grasp is that spirit only tells you what is helpful towards healing. Psychics are not all knowing. We are intuitive but the power comes through us to give a message. Any time you have to consult a psychic more than every six months it means you are losing yourself. Desperation is not a good receiver and invites the wrong energy. You are really a strong woman and you love to read--take advantage of that. There is a disconnect within yourself--you need to reconnect with the things that give you joy. Also spirit says do not get too lost in your own head--you need busy work and goals. As a child you were competitive--you should return to that now. If you follow this advice about connecting more with your body and emotions and balancing your need for quiet time and busy time you will feel much better--I see the number 6 shown twice--six weeks and six months--six weeks will be a turning point of new direction--a make or break time- but either way the outcome is moving towards a better place for you and six months spirit shows me a room full of roses a woman hugging herself under a great big moon---there will be communication opening up in a good way end of May close to June---there will be lots of changes in your life and a big change over the summer job related. February brings the urge to be healthy and fit--nutrition and a a change as well you will make that will deal with pain issues in your back. Despite the uncertainty of it all this really is a great time of growth for you the next thre years. You will get a lot of guidence through strangers--spirit asks that you shift your dependency for asking for readings to believing the universe gives you all you need. Remembr, often the angels speak through strangers. Trust in the safety of this--chalange that abandonment issue and trust you truely are safe and never alone. The right books will come and you will hear advice come to you--let go more and just breathe deeply more and when conflict appears treat it like weather let it pass and don't get stuck in a bad moment. Avoid isolation--do not get stuck in your head. Put energy into constructive efforts--stay aware. BLESSINGS! You will be fine--be brave and do what you know you must do.

  • Thank you so much for replying, Blmoon. Like what you said, I do more or less know what I have to do in order to get better, i.e. to let go and give him space. But I am afraid that this is really the end if I just stop contacting him. And I guess the main reason why I can't move on as much as I want to is because we really went through quite a bit before we reach the peak of our relationship, and suddenly everything just comes crashing down because of that little incident. 😞 I guess the sudden-ness of everything just makes it difficult, which makes me wonder if he even loved me at all.

    And the fact that we are not even talking makes me feel worse.. I always wonder what would happen if I actually take the initiative to ask him how he is. Would it help? Or should I really just let him have his own space so that he could reflect on the relationship? (Is that what he is doing?)

    You are right about the abandonment issues. His ex left him for another guy and till date, I still wonder if that's the reason why he is having commitment issues. Sighs, I really enjoy his company and hope that he would come back 😞

    Thank you SO MUCH Blmoon...:)

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  • Thank you watergirl18 for the advice. I've read Blmoon's post a few times but do not know what's the important message that I am missing out... Is this the following? "Often these are our shapeshifter relationships---often karmic and a pact made before birth to help each other heal. This is free will to be honest with yourself about your intention to know if he will be in your future."

    Please advise.. thank you watergirl18 🙂

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  • thanks watergirl - i have saved what blmoon said and will digest it slowly. correct me if i'm wrong.. but is blmoon advising me to move on from this man?

    i would just like to know if he will come back. 😞 even if it means that i have to wait..

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  • I guess I will have to keep trying.. thank you watergirl18 for enlightening 😃

  • Eleven,

    Awareness comes when we gently remove the blindfolds of pain especially when the light is so strong.

    Blmoon in spirit is saying that when you were very young...someone left you....perhaps it was a parent through seperation or death. Perhaps your needs were not met when you were a child. Whatever the case...you felt left alone, and this feeling has not gone away. It is a fear that you cannot be alone...and this fear has paralyzed you in forming a healthy relationship.

    She is saying both of you in this relationship have this issue.

    You will hold onto a painful relationship even it it is detrimental because you don't want to be alone and are afraid of finding a path alone.

    Love is holding your hand, but not the love that comes from humans. Blmoon mentioned books...you will understand more about this love as you explore...and it will lead you home to your heart and inner spirit, where all the you love need is waiting.

  • where all the Love you need is waiting...:-)

  • thanks patchlove for your advice. 🙂 guess i just need more time to get over this..

  • Eleven, may the angels impart comfort and peace to your aching. Time is really the only thing that eases the pain, even if pain is the catalyst needed to move us forward.

    You will be stronger for what you are going through; though it feels like fire.

    all of us send love to you.

  • BlMoon gave a wonderful light to upcoming events,,,Take one sentence at a time and think about it....more clarity may come to you. Good luck:-)

    Don't be discouraged at what doesn't appear clear at this time. You will look back one day and see it perfectly.

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