What do you do when a guy is a player and u fall for him?

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  • Don't engage guy in a relationship. You will end up with the broken heart in a very bad way. Such a person will use you emotionally, and sexually, and they do not believe in commitments. They will only tell you what they believe you want to hear. Happened to two female friends on mine four years ago, before they met their current husbands.

  • Honey, listen to me. I am in a similar situation. Although I am a Lesbian, the situation is still similar, doesn't matter man and woman, woman and woman, or man and man. We all feel pain, we all hurt, we all love. I am in love with a woman who is 25 years younger than me. Although age does not matter as long as they are consentual adults, there is a serious maturity/immaturity gap here. I am mature, as the woman who has been hurt by the player. The Player is obviously immature - as in my situation. Why would this woman (or myself) wish to be treated in this manner? Do we not deserve the absolute best from our Lovers? We give ourselves fully to our Lovers, we deserve the same in return and should not accept nothing but. We would not accept this type of behavior from anyone else - why then do we accept this behavior from that person? Do we not deserve to be treated better? We need to avoid these types of people like an alcoholic would avoid that first drink. Once we give in, we have once again lost our self-worth. The woman I am in love with and feel is my soul mate and have ask repeatedly to marry me does not want me and have shown that in action - her words were completely the opposite. She "says" she loves me and loves every quality about me, yet her actions speak louder than words. It is hard to move on especially since I know exactly what I want. I have dreamed about her since I was a child. I knew exactly who she was when I first laid eyes on her. It has been two years since I have tried everything I could possibly think of for her to understand how I feel. But I fell in love with an imagine of my imagination and not what this person actually is. And she is a Player. I want more, I deserve more, I need more and I will not accept anything less. I am a wonderful, attractive, successful Scorpion woman and somewhere on this planet is a person in which will accept me and love me for exactly who I am, what I am, and the love that I can give them. I am NOT a player, never have been, never will be. What I have to offer is something that people like this cannot even fathom let alone attain in their lives. I once said to her about a year ago that one day you will find that I am the love of your life but it will be too late. I am moving on, even though my heart and soul is very saddened by this, I will find someone one day that loves me and is not afraid of showing that love nor will shy or yield from a solid committment, relationship or partnership. I feel the pain of this woman whom is being played and I can only pray for her and her finding her own self-worth. Once she finds that again, she will not look back or think twice of her decision to move onward and upward in her life. This person is not worth her time nor her unconditional love, seek Christ for strength, ask Him and He will show you what you are worth and her worthy suitors. By the way, one of the comments was about a Scorpio. Scorpions are the only sign that has three teers, the arachnid, the eagle and the dove. I am between the eagle and dove. The Scorpion that hurt this other person was a low arachnid, they are engulfed by their sexual energy and obviously does not know how to control that energy. I am sorry this other person was stung by that Scorpion, but we are not all like that. Some have learned to control our sexual energies, tempers, etc. Scorpions rule the House of Sex. We also rule the House of Transformation (formerly the House of Death). Transformation happens when we learn how to control uncontrollable urges, put them to rest, and become something much better using our weaknesses as strengths and building upon them. Women need to understand they do not have to settle for less than what we want and deserve. It is not like waaaaay back when we had to accept and deal with what we were handed. We are powerful creatures and should not ever underestimate our self-worth - NOT EVER! The more powerful we feel inside for ourselves and have power over our lives, the more respected we become in the search of our mates. Let this woman who is being hurt by this 'player' become empowered by her own worth and respect. Once that is achieved, graceful suitors will appear. This 'Player' obviously has not self-respect, how would he be willing to respect her? May Christ bring you the strength he has brought me.

  • I read all of these comments and agree wholeheartly. The Best thing anyone can do for themselves is Love You!! I was married for 17 years to a guy who carried on a relationship and had a daughter with an old Girlfriend all of our marraige. I divorced him it took me 3 years and 60,000 plus to do so. He was the one left bitter, he lost his job of 19 years over her and then she left him and married someone else. I got my life back and meet some great people, connected with friends and family again. I know longer deal with his lies or decievement which tears you in two. If we didn't have kids together I would of left him along time before. If your not happy in any relationship you should get out. I have rid my life of bad friends and people who enjoyed bringing me down. Best Money I ever spent and I am the person I knew I was but allowed him to bring me down. Don't be me...... Life is to Short to hang on to losers people who care about you put your best interest before their own and respect you as a person. I found me again before I divorced him and now only good comes into my life. Spirituality is a Great place to start finding you again.

  • i agree... you can fix someone who doesnt want to be fixed. and a player always will "play" you.. there will be no trust there. and sagittarius are notorious wanders... f they feel the least bit insecure they move on for greener pastures. and they love adventure.. but have ypour friend just forget about him... there are plenty of fish in the sea much sweeter.

  • Although I may be a bit late in replying, I feel I need to. I just left a similar situation, very similar.

    I fell for a player, actually I believe he is one of soulmates but is not ready for real true love. He has not done his work to earn it and if he chooses not to, I must move on.

    I left this man when I realized he kept me at a distance because he was scared of his feelings for me. He knew if he became involved with me I could really hurt him (though I would never) so he kept himself in relationships with women he really did not care about so he could not get hurt. I could not allow myself to be treated the way he was treating me so I left.

    I love him and probably will the rest of my life but there you must be true to yourself. A person must deserve another's true love, it is a privilege not an entitlement. It must be earned. Don't feel angry at yourself for loving a man who treated you bad. You gave a love that was from your heart and that is always a wonderful thing. If he is too insecure or afraid of being worthy of it, then you must move on.

    If he returns and wants a real relationship with you, then go for it. You must be sure he is sincere though. If he starts the same crap again, leave immediately. He must learn to respect you and that you won't take his s--t. That is the only way he will know you are serious. Trust me, if his heart knows you as his soul mate, he will come back. Tail between his legs. Remain tough on your stance but also the loving woman you are. Don't be afraid of showing him your strength.

    I have moved on and am adjusting to the possibility he may not return to me but I am pretty sure he will. Keep your positive outlook and love will shine in your life, whether it be him or another. Blessings.

  • Hey, I have been played myself, fallen for a player, but I finally played a player and beat him at his own game!

    I am an Aries, with a Cancer Moon and a Taurus Rising-thankgod or I would be a total mess- so I finally learnt how to use all my strenghts to my advantage and stopped allowing my good nature to be used against me and stopped being attracted to men that I felt I could SAVE, which is why I beleive most women are attracted to a player in the first place...you need to feel love and the only way for you to learn is to teach a playa how to love, you will be the one to show him how being with one woman is so much more rewarding.

    But players enjoy being players, the excitement of falling in love for one night- or whenever he needs a booty call...until you decide you can not change a man-thats not real love- players will keep playing you.

    Or you can decide to enjoy a player for what they are...a nice comfy screw.

    Seriously, a Pisces-Sag-Sag will never be content to settle down, and any girl that tries to take on that challenge is CRAZY

    Get over him now, and find someone you do not want to change and loves you for you, appreciates all the love you have to give.You can do it.

  • Hi, I am a strong believer that some of the people that pass through your life and don't fully make it may be there because you did not bring full closure on a past life. You need to bring closure to that past life and you are given the opportunity to part properly or come to terms with each other. Part of you still loves the soul that they are, you do not need them for the full journey in this lifetime but, you still want them in your life. Looking at relationships as an eternal bonding of souls that naturally attract one another despite you incarnation is a beautiful thought to me and just because you don't fully bond in this incarnation doesn's mean you won't ever. You just need to look at the huge picture, even bigger then the big picture. The bonus of this is you can still love them despite themselves even if you don't see them again.

    But then I am a pisces-sag-sag and you may not like my huge picture - I still love my Taurean lady but my spiritual path is compromised by staying with her.

  • she need not let him know that she in to him because if he know that all he will do take advanged of her so play it cool

  • Hi, There are people like this and if you are dating, better to leave them alone--totally. There are lessons to learn and things to look for in potential friends. Deep down, I believe you know what you are dealing with (intuition.) If you allow them to use you, then it's your fault. I am not good at sugar-coating the obvious.

  • Honey, put the hazmat suit on and get away from this toxic man. He will only destroy your soul and inner peace, I went through a similar thing with a pisces, (got so played, he was the most loving giving fake I ever met) and although the are sensitive, they always keep some part of themselves a secret, and before you know it you are the victim of the fallout.

  • Your friend will have her heart broken in a bad way. You must not allow her to get involved with this person no matter what.

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