What do you do when a guy is a player and u fall for him?

  • Okay, so my friend (who is a Cancer, Gemini moon, Virgo ascendant) is in love with this awesome Pisces dude (with moon in Sagittarius, Sagittarius ascendant). They used to love eachother at the same time, but he moved onto another gal (???mystery girl who nobody knows who she is?????), and he left my friend in complete darkness. He said that maybe someday they'll get back together, but he doesnt know when, and he has a complete different list of gals he wants to go out with (my friend now isnt included on it, or so people say). Does anyone have any advice, or knows what to do? Oh, and my friend has another friend who is a Sagittarius (moon in Leo), who seems to know a lot about the guys secrets more she can tell about the Pisces dude. Is the Sagittarius gal sneaking around with the Pisces dude? Please help.

  • Please don't let your friend be in his 'black book' of girls. Your friend should work on knowing her self worth. This guy is going through an immature phase right now having 'a list' of girls. No matter what sign he is. She needs to take a step back and avoid him, which may be hard, but he needs to think he may be losing her. Then he'll snap out of it and come after her again. When he does, she needs to treat him like a friend, like not be affected what he does or says. Tell her not to answer his calls or texts for awhile either. He needs to feel like her time and attention is valuable.

  • Oh my gosh, thank you. Wonderful advice. I think she'll appreciate these words of wisdom. Thanks again!

  • Sagitarrians by nature tend to be flighty as well...

  • distance yourself.look at your greatness and sensitivity.put your valuable self where it needs to Carry yourself that exudeds self worth and confidence.

  • Here is my input. I always taught my four children that people with come and go in your life, and the most important thing to remember when someone we love leaves our lives is, how to live your life again. Always, always, always, go back in your head, to the time in your life before you even knew this love that you lost. Get back to the meat of the person you used to be, interest's, hobbies, friends, whatever pertains to you. DO NOT allow any breakup to define you. You are you and no one can ever take that from you when they leave. Find your core person again and retrain yourself to live indepentely away from this love you lost, and remember, when one door closes, another opens and life can move to greater level of satisfaction.

  • Wow that's some great advice for me, Myviewpoint. I recently broke up with my girlfriend and I think that will help me get back on track. Thanks 🙂

  • myviewpoints comments are really good advice, I will try to apply them in my life also

  • what happens if he's avoiding her... you cant exactly avoid someone who's avoiding you...

  • This is an old thread but I have to answer this just in case you ever look here again. She has to ignore him totally. If he thinks he's done with her and she pursues him he'll just end up treating her really badly. He's gonna do his list thing until he doesn't want to do it anymore and any female who tries to "fix him" will just annoy him so leave him be for your own sake.

  • Yes this is really old, but I need to tell you to run the other way. So many of us women these days, are letting ourselves get caught up in something like this. Please let your friend know that she deserves to be treated like royalty and as a special person. As long as she stays on his todo list, she will never have a good self-esteem. It will bring her down. Belive, I have been there and done this. It really does nothing but screws up our selfworth. Somehow, try to get your friend to run the other way and not look back.

  • I agree with all the other comments......your friend needs to walk away and avoid this fellow. Eventually he will notiice that she is not around and come back, after everyone else dumps him. At that time she still needs to be strong and not sucuumb to whatever story he tells her like how much he loves her, she is the one, ect. The best advice I can give is something a friend of mine told me long ago when i was dating a Player/Manipulator. You can't change a man ...except at only one point in his life...and then all you are changing iis his diapers!!

    I finally found my soul mate...remeber it is the journey not the destination...

    Good Luck!

  • Once a player, always a player...may apply in this situation...be strong and walk away...if he comes back to you, it was meant to be...if not, he was not worth your time anyway...and I really know, this is easier said than done... blessings to you my friend....

  • I was in a similar situation and it was with a picses too! He did this with alot of woman and had 8-16 stringing along at a time (no exaggeration). It was his game to break up and say things like they might get back to keep us strung along so he could come back whenever he wanted but had no responsibility. It took me a long time to realize this and that i was worth more. I felt if i loved him enough, eventualy that woul impress him and he'd love me back. But men like this are incapable of love and your friend deserves more. Tell her to envision and even write down her perfect man. Loks, personality, charater, etc and keep that the standard and not settle for anything less. Love isn't enough to make a relationship work. It is heartbreaking and painful to let go, but this guy will never be what she wants and she must accept that and find the one who is. i have recently been enjoying being single and I never thought i'd feel that way, but when your happiness depends on someone else you are never happy. but when your happiness comes from liking yourself (and i am religious so also being with God) you can be truly happy and have peace. Good luck. i will say a prayer for her.

  • My advice, trust your heart, listen to your inner voice, when time is right, if he is one you will know. But when time is right to eventually accept that this not the way of your one true love, if he decieves, lies or looks elsewhwere.. This not the one, so when you walk away, stay away, why go back for second best! It is hard,you will hurt , he might hurt, but yoiu know is right road to take.

  • Hi,

    I just had to comment on this as I am a pisces with Moon in Saggitarius and Ascendent Saggitarius.

    I have walked out on a relationship lasting 14 years and do not fully know why myself let alone be able to communicate it to my ex partner. She has told me, (Taurean not Cancer. just in case any one thinks I am the piscean who initiated this)

    We grew apart over a six year period as she was travelling a lot for work and I only saw her one day a week for ages. I wanted to go out all the time when she was around and she just wanted to stay at home. Me being a pisces did not confront the problem but used my chameleon like abilities to mask what I was truely feeling and make it appear like I was still in a loving relationship, this is a bad trait of us as we then become like a person's fantasy figure - you love the shell of us and not what we truely are. My taurean had a very strong personality and had come out of a previous marriage and knew what she wanted in a relationship. I just ended up mirroring what she wanted and not what I am.

    What I am trying to say is that he probably came to terms in his head what had to happen and lived out the fantasy of the breakup long before ever vocalising and acting on it. Once the dcision was made - the saggitarean part of him just dealt with it. Moved on and lived out the life he pre-built in his head.

    I am a bit in shock actually how the description of the break up is identical to my own but thought I should comment as it might bring closure to me and anyone else.

    Cancer is probably in love with the person she modified and not the real person - possibly he never existed and only came into fruition because of her strong wishes that the piscean picked up on.

    I do not excuse what we have done I only want it to be known that we eventually do wake up from the dream but in waking, the dream is quickly forgotten and everyone else seems to be left to pick up the pieces. We are the easiest sign for a woman to fall in love with but the hardest to truely understand as sometimes we don't know ourselves we just don't want to live the lie any more. My advice is move on as the person you love does not actually exist.

  • I would also like to add - I am not a player, I was totally faithful during the 14 year relationship - it does not matter to anyone else but me, but it does matter.

  • That was the best advice I've heard in a very long time. I have been in a relationship with this guy for two years, and he's been feeling very different lately. He says he loves me, but it's just too automatic, like a recording. He's just going through the motions. I can absolutely feel that he is now involved with someone else. I did a tarot spread and it absolutely confirmed it. You cannot make someone love you when they simply don't anymore. That is a really hard, painful fact.

    Now is the time for me to gather up the strength to let him go. And once again, the advice given here was just so absolutely spot on. It's time to go within and reconnect self and remember what it's like to be a whole person again without some other person defining who you are. Great, GREAT advice.

  • I'm sorry, I was refering to myviewpoint's view point. There's a lot of other really good advice here too.

  • I was just in a relationship with a Scorpio who lied to my face and had several women behind my back to this day he has yet to admit he was cheating...............I left as soon as I got proof...............Love doesn't hurt...ever..................It the womanizing is a bother to you why stay.............

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