Captain, Shaubby & Danni83; THANK YOU!!!!

  • Hello friends,

    You gave me fabulous insight last week to "Is it real or what she wants to see?" and I so appreciate your time and kindness. Captain, I used your advice from my "vibes" reading and made sure to let her know I'm just discussing this with her and NOT telling her what to do, I made sure she kept her power and worked hard not to override this (thanks for this).

    My daughter came home this weekend and we spoke about the young man and what was going on with the situation and I did share all the insight from the 3 of you and she loved it! She does feel he's just a wounded soul as well and still feels he's just not ready for a relationship yet and she is not being pushy and they continue to communicate. She didn't tell him she was coming home for the weekend and I don't know why, I asked her about this and she said she just didn't think about but I think she was just protecting herself.

    It ended up NOT being a good weekend with him. I think he's passive agressive and is no longer interested but just can't say it. Before she left on Sunday she sent him a very good text message, not bitch-slapping just a very honest statement and ended it with humor. I hope she moves on from this situation for good but who knows when it comes to matters of the heart; I think he's closed the door on this but I think she's left the door ajar - just in case.

    Thank you again for sharing your gifts and for your insight! My daughter say "THANK YOU" as well!!!!

  • You're both very welcome! 🙂

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