Holiday Depression Season

  • Hi all - I thought that I would start this thread for anyone to post because I know that this is the time of year that some people start to feel overwhelmed, depressed, lonely, etc. Last year - just after Christmas, I came to this forum seeking a reading and advice. I am so happy to have been able to have so many people offer me readings and personal advice and support. It took several months for me to sort of get rolling again. The holiday season can be a real tormentuous time. I am thankful for having found people who were willing to listen when I thought no one else could hear me.

    Right now my "almost-ex" husband is back living in the house. My teenage daughter, who was living with him is also back in the house with us and our littlest girl ,who is developmentally delayed. The arguments between me and my teenage daughter are horrible and a bad influcence on the little one . My husband and I are more like "business partners" or "siblings" than husband and wife. But I am happy to have them back in the house during this time of the year. I do not know if I came to appreciate the importance of the noise and chaos I hated so much, or if I have succumbed to falling back into what is a "known" dysfunction and since it is "known" - there is more comfort in having it, than in having nothing, or with trying to deal with something different.

    I guess the important thing is that, I feel better than I was last year at this time. Thanks to everyone!

  • Hello Turtledust,

    Family is ingrained in us but believe me they can come unglued with some effort.

    Your teenage daughter is going through some physical changes that make her feel quite uncomfortable at this time and peer pressure today is brutal I hear. Your ex feels the way you do also, glad to have the noise of family around and the little one needs some peaceful space of her own, as she is impressionable at this time.

    Next year will see you all involenterrally going in seperate directions and than together for counsleing as a family so that you all can grive what has gone by and can not be retrived and somehow find some joy for what lies ahead of all of you. You will learn to STOP letting your teenage daughter get under your skin, she will find a new friend (a male) and he will help her to find joy within. Your ex will really become your best friend and begin to respect you once again, and help you and himself to release and begin again.

    The little one will flow with life and begin to increase some talking ability and also learning in a new form will be brought to you for her by a teacher or doctor.

    I wish you and your the best possible Christmas season you can have. Enjoy that dinner that you get some unexpected help with.

  • Thanks so much for your kind words Ms Shuabby. I think you are right and I think that I am internally "preparing" for the ultimate parting of ways. While I normally like things quiet around my house, it's a house for a family - not a house for a single mom and one child/ Last year the silence really got to me and it was the hardest time of my life since my college years when I had no one to spend the holidays with. I hope that everyone else has the "noise" they need during this holiday season.

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