Help with Reading Please?

  • I am just learning tarot, and I did a Celtic Cross Spread using Rider Waite cards . I asked why guys are always dumping me?

    This is what I got:

    1. The Tower

    2. 8 of Cups

    3. 2 of Cups

    4. King of Wands

    5. 5 Swords

    6. 4 Cups

    7. Ace of pentacles

    8. Queen of Swords

    9. 6 of Cups

    10. Page of Cups

    Any interpretations pls?

  • You do not need to do a tarot to find that out. Ask yourself questions. Well number one if they dump you it was not going to serve your divine self. Also by asking the divine to give you a reading and then laying it out to get it interpreted shows lack of confidence and trusting in yourself to even ask the tarot on why. So I will ask you, do you trust yourself and believe in yourself? lack of trust in self is what you then carry into relationships, thus people leaving. Reallly if you abandon yourself then expect abandonment. Are on your own and grounded physically and emotionally and spirtualy? Or do you go from one to another with no self grounding. Have you found a career line and passion ofr yourself, an inner peace and happiness? If not you cannot bring that into a relationship, nor attract it.

    A celtic spread cannot tell you why, it can state the obvious and validate the current situation. There is not even a set advice card or way foward position. So it will not tell you why as you really do know why....self truth sets you free from recreating the same patterns over and over, thus self abandonment and abandon relationships...Love your divine self,, establish a self relationship first with consistancy as well, then once you are actually evolved ans self trusting and content that is when you can make wise choices and sicern what you want to love and relationships...when you are in need for one to state such a question or even ask a tarot for that that is a sign of not being ready for a relationship, thus they leave you as you quoted

    " I ebmrace my divine femininity in balance and in peace" I am true to my divine self" " I embrace the acceptance and truth of all my actions and realtionships"

    Divine love

  • What are your actions alone without duties and orders? What risks have you been willing to take and why and for what cause?

    out of all the time in your life of chaos, balance etc...what has remained consistant?'

    those are ways of comming to self realizaation assesing your life and actions, your chices and your intentions, motivations........and so on.....

  • Self help is time and much time and introspection...if you do not do for you do not expect it in a realtionship or anyhting of that quality..answers are not given to you.....when you are weaker willed and only then do the common groups of peole then seek a zodiac or date reading.....because it will give an instant answer. Self help takes time. I lived alone since 15, mother gone and then father died....lived alone 8 years and grounded my self with no astro or tarot....just started now after becoming a licensed reiki healer and councelor using taort about a year ago....graduated pursuing law school in the on own..and in a relationship going on two years........content but it took alot of time and alone solitude time to have inner peace...

  • OK, I get your point. But that's not how it is for me.

    The cards give me answer and I just wanted second opinion. I feel I am a good person and comfortable with myself. I am able to love and receive love. Its not a quick fix, I have spent years and still now self reflecting.

    Bad things sometimes happen for other reasons.

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