Will i ever get my old happy likeable personality back????

  • I have been feeling miserable lately not knowing where im headed or even where i really want to go ! I used to be so happy secure funny likeable now I feel down alot i seem to rub everyone the wrong way and im not happy with my overall self i think i messed my life up ....anyway im wondering will i ever bounce back from this why me????????????my bday is 6/5/87 whats going on with me from a spirtual point of view and how can i fix this or will it fix itself PLEASE HELP!!

  • Nothing 'fixes' itself - you have to do the work. Instead of sitting around moping about your life, improve it. Make a list of what you want to achieve and then think up several ways to go about it. Ask your friends and family to help with your "To-do" list. Take action - look for a new job, join a club or class, exercise, go out and have fun. If you are waiting for a hero to ride up and save you, then you'll be waiting forever. It's time to save yourself. Get out there and grab onto life!

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