Liviing forex

  • I just dont no what to do. I had a friand that had a girl frianad for 7 years . Now about 4 years a go he was up set with me. to the piont where he wold mack hear act like me dinering sex. so we stop talking for about a 1y to 1 and half. the one day i seen them. and then they star comeing around agean.will they going to to a mess. and hear 8 y old goy tacking away. and she go life at my house. so what ever i mad shur she stay clean tell she went. he was off fucking around. so she life to the prgram end up still lossing hear kid in there. and me and hear ex end up together and loveing eacher.but he end up crashing my new car 2003 ford trus. because she was sucking Di**. aand he close his eyes and crash. after that its been back and fourth. so nov 1 we got marred. and he wand to have a 3 . so i keep say no.but i end up giving in. and i got a guy friand of bouth. will we stared. and he dident like seeing it. so i felt him kind slap me. i got up and said im don.he end up betting the guy up/ and ever after that/ hes been gon. i found him 3 days ago he cam spent the nigth. he had mad lve, and i cant rember what i sad, but it pesst him off that he sad im don and beat my lip tell belood came now hes back with hear and im hearting. but i ask my self do i want him back ithe frist thang comes to mind is no, i want be lif alone because im sceard of him bieting me. but im herting at the same time im losst what do i do

  • I invite you to go to the nearest church and ask for help. Just talking to someone spiritual will begin to help you to sort things out.

    You are stuck in place where there is no help from the people around you. It is time to go in another direction to other people that will help you grow. I wish you the best, and God Bless your journey.

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