Shuabby, would love some insight from you please..

  • Hello Shuabby. I've been reading some of your replies to other forum members and was astounded by the depth of your answers. You are blessed to have such an enlightening gift.

    I was wondering if you could offer me a little insight concerning the next 12 months regarding love and relationships... Will I reconnect with an old flame? Anything you could tell me would be very much appreciated.

    I was born 9-8-76 at 9:49PM.

    Thank you so much and god bless.

  • Dear SherryBlossom,

    You will have some communications with the old flame, but I do not feel it will create a spark that will keep this burning for a long duration.

    I sense for you that a man in uniform is on your romantic agenda this next year. He could be in the armed forces or a law officer, he wears a uniform in his line of endevor. He will be rather cool and aloof but not when it comes to you. I hear the name of Pete or Peter coming in here. Your hearts desire will be met in 2011 it will take some effort and you will be rewarded with a very good companion but I do not feel marriage for this new year for you. Don't let that discourage you as all good men come in their appointed times and are always worth waiting for.

    Happy Thanksgiving


  • Thank you Shuabby!

    Happy Thanksgiving

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