Hi! Everyone, anyone can give me reading this coming year 2011..

  • Hi ! Everyone favor please give me reading or insight myself.

    I'm single. Aquarian girl born Feb.16, 1975. I was dating before a guy turn to frustration and disappointment . And just realized that expectation leads to depression. I was hurt and mentally drains to the cancer guy I used to date and having intimate time for all I know turn into relationship and it didn't work. But I was really surprised for the short period of time my good spirit was back and I wonder why I feel so excited for nothing and I can't really explain what is that. I'm spending holiday cos I need to mend my broken heart. I was new here and now a member and this site help me a lot to treat myself . The Captain , Hanswolfgang & turboxs enlightening me inspirational words that I can easily understand that life is beautiful. I feel like someone will come along the way but I don't know if I'm just excited for myself cos I was realized in my painful experience or I'm thinking someone in my past will come back to me or he didn't meant to hurt me and he was so wrong. Aside from thefact that this will be the first Christmas my family will be complete cos most of the time working overseas and our schedule was complicated. I feel si happy in every small thing and appreciate it so much . Always wearing a smile any where I go. I honestly don't do this and if I base myself on my past recovery time I'm always snobbish , cranky and easily get irritated with non sense. And finally realized I am worth it I have a good quality that someone will see that and appreciate things that we can share each other for the rest if our life... I feel like I will meet him soon and I don't know why I'm like this is totally strange to me and I'm acting strange it's funny but being positive minded give me a good aura.

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