Summer love and beyond

  • My mom's boss has a girl that is a year younger than me. She is very pretty and seems like a nice girl. The only problem is I haven't even met her face to face yet. I only have some info on what she is like from her mom and what little I have talked to her on Facebook. I am 20 and she is 19. I don't know what to do and am just asking for some advice and what could possibly happen over the summer during break.

    I'm a:

    Sun: Aries

    Moon: Pisces

    Rising: Libra

    She is:

    Sun: Sag.

    Moon: ?

    Rising: ?

  • Here are some tips on how to capture a Sagittarian's heart:

    -be caual, lighthearted, and witty

    -be spontaneous

    -don't lay down the rules (sagittarians are free spirits and don't like to be constrained)

    -never be cruel or make jokes at the expense of others (sagittarians are humanitarians)

    (btw, I'm a Libra rising also, and Libra risings tend to be sociable and charming, so put those qualities to good use!)

    Aries tend to be spontaneous and lighthearted, so Sag will surely be attracted to those qualities.

    Pisces Moon tends to be sensitive and intuitive, so you have the ability to read other people's vibes and know what they're feeling. This is an important quality. Sagittarians like mind-readers.

    Good Luck, From:

    Earthly Taurus

  • Why not ask her out on a date? And take it from there....

  • Well I haven't even met her yet. She comes home from JMU the first week of May so I have to wait until then.

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