Need advice for my son

  • Hello, my son is 19 yrs old and he has a lower than average intelligence. He is not retarded just a slow learner. When he was 4 yrs old his father had a brain aneurysm, the day it happened I received a phone call that his dad was at the ER and I needed to get there. Not wanting to scare my son, I just told him that I had to go somewhere to find something out. He looked at me point blank and said "Mom, what's wrong with my dad? If he's dead, he's dead tell me!" His father died 5 days later. Looking back that was the first experience that he could have intuition. When he was 6 yr old he told me he heard voices telling him to do bad things to me, like punch me in the face. They also told him to run out into traffic and get hit by a semi so he could be with his dad. He cried a lot during this time and would have violent temper outbursts and also was deathly afraid to go into the basement of our house as he swore there were dead people there. We bought a house and moved to the next town over and after a few months, his violent outbursts become worse. Than one morning as I was trying to get him up for school he told me that he couldn't control his body that someone else had control of his arms, he started hitting himself in the head. This scared me so I called our doctor who recommended I take him to a psychiatrist that she recommended. As he was hitting & kicking himself and telling me that he didn't have control of his own body, suddenly a voice came out of him that said it was MR. Chacheega and that my son was not there. My daughter who is 3 yrs younger started crying and yelling I want my bubby back over & over again, suddenly my son looked at her and said "Sis, what's wrong? I'm right here." So I took him to the psychiatrist and they admitted him to the hospital for 5 days and diagnosed him as Bipolar with schizophrenic episodes. He was placed on Depakot and that seemed to mildly help him.A few years later we moved to another house in the first town and again he started talking about the voices telling him to hurt himself, and he now was scared to sleep as his room was across from the bathroom and every night he would stare into the bathroom telling me that there was a woman in there. I never seen a woman or anyone else in the bathroom except my own family. Again, he was admitted to the hospital for sucidial ideation and diagnosed as being pscyhotic. While in the hospital he continued to have hallucinations that the people were trying to come through the vent in his room to get him at night and the nurses wouldn't listen to them. He again said he seen dead bodies in our house. They changed his medicine to Lithium this time and he was doing well for a couple years. He continued to have violent outbursts at times but as he entered his teen years he seemed to get more out of control. Finally, one night he was 16 he pulled a knife out and began walking around the house in a very intimidating way, I tried to ignore the behavior in hopes it would end as I am not afraid of my son at all. But when his voice changed and he became verbally agressive towards his little sister, I snapped and tackled him and got the knife away. His sister called the police and he was arrested. He spent 5 days in a juvenile detention center and even though they wanted to keep him there I begged the court system to allow me to take him home and get him back into the psychiatrist. They did. Now fast forward to present day. I have since divorced, and we (the kids & I) live on our own in yet another house. And he is now hearing voices at night that whisper in his ear. He says that the voices are his dad, my parents, and his aunt & uncle that have all passed away. He states that they tell him to do good things, but he has other voices that are encouraging him to hurt himself. He also said that he a dream a couple weeks ago that I was murdered. He said I was stabbed multiple times, but he didn't know where or when it happened. My question is do any of you think that he could be sensitive to the spirit world and that's the voices he hears. Could there be a negative spirit attached to him? He really is a good kid and goes to school and works, but these voices are keeping him from having a good self-esteem and feeling positive about himself. Any help, insight or advice you could give me would be greatly appreciated. I feel so helpless to help him.



  • Please can someone respond. I am desperately trying to help my son before he actually does do something to harm himself.

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