Speaking from the heart

  • My experience and enlightenment from this site:

    What it boils down to is; it’s all in our heads. What we choose to do based of what is in our head. Also consider any influences that affect our brains. That can be drugs etc.

    We all can adjust our energy out of choice and order our emotions, thus affecting our actions. We all evolve and the world evolves. Predetermined sun signs do not justify your experiences that change you and increase maturity and wisdom. Nature, DNA, and nurture. Culture and evolution. Free will and transition.

    WHY this? EX. I am with a Pisces and I am a Virgo help” Well the Pisces man is your boyfriend and he is in front of you in reality, so why can you not figure it out? I mean you are in a relationship, shouldn’t you see him for what he is?

    Or are you looking to get an answer you want to hear or see?

    Well what is my way forward…well we know but we look for validation or an answer that is what are need (ego) wants, so we seek Astrology and tarot to validate the obvious or give us an answer that we want to see…..

    So validation means we shall and deserve to trust our self! If we do not trust our self, how can we draw in trusting relationships?

    I have after this experience got rid of tarot, it’s a validation tool…Cause and effect, we are capable of knowing what we get in return based of our intentions and causes.

    Ex. I knew when Jax and I entered the military that travel may cause a challenge in our relationship……acceptance of the truth and moving forward with caution and loyalty would need to be exalted. The caution we are actually being stationed at the same Virginia Base. Of course the tarot showed the KN coins as an advice and the Queen Swords in my mind along with the 3 of pentacles as an outcome card.

    So the tarot just validated the truth. I do love the use of tarot as far as asking questions;

    Ex the queen of swords ask you are you seeing to the truth of the matter? How do you rule your roost?

    Are you the boss, or do you let your children and subordinates walk all over you? You can rule without being a shrew. Let me remind you how to rule with intelligence and noble stature?

    Each card shows a lesson: 6 pentacles; money is energy and love is energy too, what we love doing is what we can bring in with much prosperity!

    The man on the six of pentacles holds a scale and weighs his options on who and what is worth of his energy, could me time, money love…these tarot cards present choices………..

    What better to get the questions because answers do not exist until we have the questions to get them Questions stir us to think and we truly inside only know, no one can tell you your intention, whatever it is if it gets fed the energy of your intention gets fed, so positive and truthful intention is key.

    I do chakra healing: the visions I see in the healing are only going to stimulate the patient; they are the ones to put logical conclusions on it…subconscious does not lie because it is not consciously able to justify ego, it is the higher self. It is still up to the will and choice power of the other individual to accept, truth, and divine order themselves. Trust them.

    My experience from this site:

    One issue, you can push away individuals. I received a reading and the 7th position of the Celtic is; Querants present feelings, and actions. It should be taken as advice, in that if a card comes up indicating a negative attitude or approach, the reader may point that out as being disadvantageous to the accomplishment of the goal the Querant seeks in the third position card. Also, if her approach has been positive, that can be affirmed as well. This is the hero's action plan.

    This how I feel and my actions: I was told because I am a Sag that I am in fantasy due to this card!

    No the card validated that I am spending time with my uncle and cousin and boyfriend before I ship out to Virginia and it is the holiday time as well. I am cooking, cleaning, hosting gatherings, Sunday dinner and football, nurturing and tending to the home much now. So the ten validated my actions and feelings of content that emulate the ten of cups.

    I grew up with no mom and father died close to the age of 15. I have experienced neglect and abuse. That changed me. They way I chose to heal and remove emotional attachments healed and ordered my thoughts and belief in myself. That turmoil is my passion, to fight for children that grow up in neglected environments, Law guardian; as I am attending school for law now and the military is a nice way to get through it and take a leadership role.

    The fact that I had no emotional support or nurture from mother, no guidance I had to dig within.

    Believe in self and acceptance of self first. That is why I “yell” promote self strength and answers lay in us. Believe in self. Trust in self. Stand a solid core being. Instill strength. I was not going to get any where at 15 alone unless I accepted and I was not going to attract divine relationships if I was going to hold on to ones and lie to self about them in order to open to being my true self so I can attract what is truly divine for me. It’s that time of having to sacrifice and getting one whole and grounded emotionally and spirited on the physical plane. I now have the passions that keep me thriving in life and can carry that passion into my relationships and endeavors and attract the security that I have to myself. You deserve that you resonate, thus you attract it.

    Well enough said.

    Take good care to all

    Divine light in yourself, you all have an inner light that guides you

    I will not be back, I am soon on active duty with my partner and will be very busy on duties and in life

  • Dear Tuxboxs.,

    Thank you for sharing your story with us. I found it to be written with thought and honesty. Your childhood was a tough one and it lead you to be this upstanding person wanting to help children that you will have a soul connection with, which will make you a mighty warrior in that battlefield. Love does not always come softly for a lot of us and it teaches some to become much more loving themselves and really grateful when the love of their life finds them in which I feel you have found. You will be more than filled with enough heart and head knowledge when you start your family.

    I have lived in Virginia and it is beautiful country. You will be awed by just looking at the nature it has to offer. I felt closer to God there as the people are so sweet and express themselves with hugs and inner warmth.

    Thank you for being a person of valour and courage. We need people like you in the United States armed forces. Please accept my fond wishes for your best is yet to come to you.

    Happy Holidays


  • Shuabby, thank you for your divine time. You are divine. I am continuing this thread on self discovery and yes through the hearts pains we learn and discover by what is worth fighting for, what we attain by sacrifice and how we have loved by our heartaches:)

    Divine light and keep leading with your inner light!

    It’s when you are confused about yourself that you will accept anything. You think you are lost, looking and maybe a bit frustrated and desperate. Self Discovery has the word self in it. The title means to trust intuition and apply your logic that lays within you and no one else. You are more likely to accept anything because you are at a confused state, so any verbiage from a zodiac etc will sound good and is a quick fix with ease to put instant pleasure to the “pain”. It’s when we are not developed, aka children, do we get influenced easily and mislead. Of course any zodiac sounds great, doesn’t it but I can analogize any zodiac to me because we all contain all those characteristics to some degree. We all feel that same emotions, so we all understand and exalt the same thoughts to get those emotions we all feel; anger, rage, confusion…etc. At a weak point in self when we say, “I am lost”, “I need” , “Help”. Do not forget those words; lost, confused, need; that’s when we are vulnerable not when we claim and feel personal power. We only have a title then to look at and we really should be looking at our name but again we are off path of enlightenment clearly, so we look to what is in the media and outer world, aka zodiac and the title that fits the birth date is what and only what we seem to measure with because the title that is our birth date. We often settle due to lack of convictions as well. Now onto opposing a zodiac again: Self Discovery; (Self) + (discovery) = discover self, self discovers self, self means solo, you. Discovery is time introspection, sacrifice and patience along with trust in self and believing in self after adventures and actions, experiences, choices, current placement, what has actually remained consistent

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