Can someone give me a reading?!?! Stuck in life

  • Roxy, your destiny is to emerge from the self-protective shell you hide in and express the more feminine side of your nature. You must learn how to reach out to others, sharing your unique brand of inspiration and magic. You must move into the light of a loving warm healthy relationship from the shadows of a solitary life of a loner, despite being so very goal and career-oriented. The call to greater self-expression and openness may be difficult but withdrawing from connecting to others would be doing yourself a great disservice. You are gifted with profound and soulful insights and a great desire for a sense of both personal and universal love. Yet you may lack the tools to express yourself, as your shyness can reach almost phobic proportions. You will have to undergo a certain amount of trial and error as your capacity for devotion seeks fulfillment, because you are quite naive in the ways of relating and more vulnerable to illusion or seduction than other people. Yet, if you can summon the courage to reveal yourself fully to others and recognise that acceptance by others of who you truly are exists in proportion to your willingness to be open to the opportunities that come your way, then life will be much easier for you. You must trust your intuitive and psychic powers more and your doom-and-gloom fears less.

    Deep down what you really want is to be in control of every area of your life all the time. You have an insatiable need to believe you can succeed. To do this, you must stay in touch with your feelings and insecurities and share the truth about yourself with others, at the same time not letting your need for control get 'out of control'. You will find success and happiness by reaching out to others to do good deeds. You have the gift of being able to nurture and support others so any profession that gives you the opportunity to nourish others (physically, mentally or emotionally) is a joy for you. Dealing with food - cooking, work in restaurants, hotels, hospitality, home care or anything to do with the home or real estate is well suited for you. Teaching, writing, acting, music, politics, court reporting, training, and sales work that involves travel and meeting a variety of people are all good. With so many talents, you can practically do anything, but go with your passion. You are an idealist and an altruist and no matter how many times your dreams are shattered, you will still go on searching for success.

    Ultimately however what you are searching for is not career success but the security and happiness that can be found through a deep, intimate love bond with another person. But because you are so easily sucked in (despite your protestations that you know what you're doing) you will have to make a special effort to be discerning with the people you keep company with, or you will end up with six kids and no life. You must probe your obsession with being part of a group you don't even really want to belong to, to the point where you miss out on intimate love. You must release your fear of being left out which may lead you to hook up with all types of undesirable people just to make you feel like you are part of a family. But it must be a healthy balanced 'family'. If your intuition is bellowing at you, trust it and follow it and avoid whomever or whatever gives you that icky feeling. It is your special warning beacon that will help you find happiness and true love and avoid misery and danger. Your emotions can get you into trouble but your gut feelings never will.

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