Can someone give me a reading?!?! Stuck in life

  • Im bored with life.. Im 27 & on the verge of just breaking out of this boring pattern Ive set for my life since I became an adult & have this urge to risk more.. like I did when I was younger.. I feel like if I keep doing what I was doing I will continue ending up with the same results in my life & Im begging for more... Ive always been a risk taker & mistake maker.. but when I turned 20 I tried to turn it all around to please my family.. but Im bored.. my life has changed drastically in the past 2 years that there seems to be no turning back to the same old same old.. in the wake of all that chaos I let go of few friends including a guy in my life I was interested in for so long who never really knew the real me only the one I allowed him to perceive... all who seemed to have been holding me back who also may have played a part in the guilt.

    My teen years consisted of me running away... taking risks I wasnt really a trouble maker but I was involved with people who society may have viewed as wrong for me but truly I loved them & them me... it didnt matter what the world thought of us as long as it was us.. We spoke our own language & accepted eachother the way we were & nothing more.. they inspired me...

    Now here I am 7 years later... realizing Im the one who left the pack... maybe it was best.. but now I find myself finding a group of people & a man I am so in love with but my head is telling me he is all wrong... (My life is flashing before my eyes) Ive gone through so much these past 2 years coming to the realization Ive lived only for the expactations of my family.. feared risks.. feared shaking things up... Ive become clearly invisible & hidden in the shadows of my family...

    I know that I can make it on my own if all my life falls apart again.. but doing what Ive been doing is not getting me the results I want out of life

    Im not trying to be rebellious Im trying to gain my life back my direction my freedom.. and make my own way... No wander Ive relied so much on my family to give me direction these past years because its not my path and my intuition has been speaking differently

    Could anyone do a reading on me? Maybe give me some insight? Please no reading on my guy... only some insight


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  • Hmm, Roxy seems to have deleted her account. I hope she got what she was looking for.

  • Hey!!! No im here I just had too many accounts didnt realize it was under my old one...

    But yeah!!! I loved your reading.. you are right I am a solid brick wall!!!!! Its funny how Ive gone through so much this past year... 10 years exactly since I decided to go a different route in my life... I was such a free spirit but I didnt think Id survive in the real world like that... however this past summer I decided to take more chances... every chance I could get to find this missing person in me... I just want to break free... I am so bored with my life I feel like breaking away... like Im not going to get what I want out of life if I continue pretending be someone Im not... I remember at 17 I cut it all out.. everything.. yeah there are somethings I shouldnt get back into but I need to find a way to balance my free spirit & be responsible.. I just feel very miserable.. and almost jealous of those who have struggled & made mistakes... Ive been ttrying for awhile to be perfect... & I just dont fit right now...

    Im not sure what my issue is right now exactly & where I stand in my life...

  • Nobody's perfect - that's an impossible standard to set yourself. You're way too hard on yourself. Just be your real self - people really do love that.

  • You are right. Thank you for that!!!

  • well in your question it proposes a need, control becaue it said stuck in life,,not just you we all see to have control of our life but we all have to come out of the cacoon or ahell as captain said. Self confidence to pursue our true hearts desires even if we go it alone....thats how you actually gain control personal courage and self trust....advising yourself because its only self limitations that cause us to get stuck

    Take care

  • Direct control is also caliming personal power thus not needing, you deserve and you will not need any validation tools either when you are at that part in your life....

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