Christmas Greetings ;)

  • Hi Everyone!!!

    I would like to say T H A N K Y O U to all the readers on this forum.

    Blmoon (I Love You, my friend), TheCaptain (I salute you, you anchor the forum)

    Shuabby (Thank you for sharing your gift and you will be missed on the forums), Watergirl18 (Girl you're GOOD), Leoscorpion (thank you friend..the charts and space cleansing advice) Hans wolfgang, Briantristan (Where are you?!) and all the others here. Thank you for reaching out and giving to those of us in need and search of hope in despair and light when dark. In giving yourselves and sharing your gifts it really helps getting through difficult times.

    I also thank you for the non-readers who reached out by sharing their experiences, laughs and support. I truly am thankful especially to those who participated and supported the Abundance Broadcast earlier this year w/TheCaptain... Auntbuck, Delbertc, HealingWays, RisingPhoenix, RCdreamer, Shatz/MyJourney/Sheila, AddictedtoRiches,RebeccaAnn, Lovingsilverwings, and whoever I forgot to mention (sorry) I thank you. You took the time everyday to participate and believe me the abundance of love and support was truly felt. What a great support! Everyone in the high heels club you guys are hilarious! Poetic555 I speak for all of us, we appreciate the sharing of information you post for all of us.

    I stumbled into this forum at time needing light and hope. I feel blessed that I found such a place. For those who just found this place feeling abandoned, unloved, afraid, struggling, suffering or just lost, you found the place to help you turn things around

    for yourself. Hang on, things are tough right now but keep strong….this too shall pass

    (I learned and keep this to heart from a great friend, I feel so blessed to have met here on the forums). Things will get better and it may be a cliche but it’s true if one door closes

    don't worry try a new approach, likely, a window is left open for you to climb through you just have to look at your situation in a different angle...LOL!(smile)

    Keep POSITIVE, be OPEN - to abundance, love and new ideas, BELIEVE!

    So again its such a great blessing to find this forum because you not only

    get the tools to help you with your journey in life but you also get the great sprinkles of love, laughter and support.

    So for this Christmas...

    Wish for your thoughts to be positive ones

    Don't quit - 5 minutes before the miracle to occurs

    That you continue to learn.

    Wishing you all peace, joy and love.

    Love - Mari


  • Yes a very Merry Christmas to all ...

    Im a newbie but it has been support , laughs and a place I feel comfortable at! ♥

  • Merry Xmas Allergik!

  • Mariplatnum, Thanks, you're a doll. Hope you & yours had a Merry Christmas and I second that THANK YOU. We are so blessed to have so many gifted people in our midst.

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