Needing direction

  • Please can someone give me a reading about what I should be doing with my life? I feel so lost at the moment with no love or money in my life and my goals unattained. What action do I need to take? Thanks in advance. Born 7 May 1956

  • Dear Denisethebull,

    I sense that all is not lost for you and it is do over time. You really wanted things to turn out far diffrent than they have in your life and like most at your stage of life are now at a crossroads and wondering just what you have to give and how to get on with this thing called LIFE.

    We really have to get lost to find new direction, you are loved by more than you believe as I feel there is a young lady that (grandchild) does love you more than you know and wants you to be happy. If you are alone than it is time Denise to reach out and touch someone new in your life , do you like to squaredance? Play a mean game of checkers? Animals? There are endless possibilities awaiting you out side your front door . You have to want to walk through it and be a player in the game of life.You will be rewarded with new friendship and a introduction to love again.

    Money is needed of course to substain our needs and keep a roof over our heads. I feel you have enough to just get you by at this time. A part-time job at CVS cashiering would put you in the social spotlight and give your pocketbook that much needed boost to make your life brighter at this Holiday season time. Make believe that Santa does exsist and make a wish , believe with all your heart like a child does that what you want will be brought to you.

    I sense you are in for some very good tidings and more than one wish coming true this Christmas season.

    Blessings To You


  • Thanks Shuabby. What is CVS cashiering?

    Does anyone else have any insights for me?

  • Hello Denise,

    I do not know where you live but if it is in the US there is a retail chain called CVS, really nice drug store. If you want others to read for you along these same lines, than please start a new tread.

  • No, I'm not in the US.

  • And this thread is open to anyone to answer - I would appreciate the help very much as my bills are piling up beyond where I can pay them..

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