Life path number doesn't fit

  • My life path number interpretation doesn't really fit me. It accurately describes an aspect of me (especially when I was younger), but it seems to leave out an awful lot about my life. Are there modifications to the life path number? I know I'm calculating it correctly. In astrology, there are many, many factors that interact with each other and therefore account for variations ... I don't know much about numerology.

  • Good for you!!! No book tells you about you! No # or astro profile, if you believe in yourself you will not have to look at those things:) Good for you!!!! My astro profile opposes me, its an insult in many ways as well who wants to be judged because of a zodiac or numerology? Really we are all unique and dignified beings that also evolve, evolve as the world evolves with free will nature, nurture and choice, Maturity also comes into play, environment growing up and environment changing, also our experiences......

    peace love prosper

  • Ah, but I find astrology to be incredibly accurate in describing an individual's personality! If you received a professional reading, you might change your opinion. 😉 And yes, a complete and thorough, accurate reading does indeed take into account that we are all unique, dignified beings with free will and the ability to choose our reactions and actions in life.

    The "canned" interpretations that appear on websites are only a snippet of what a full reading would give. Therefore, you don't get the whole, detailed and nuanced picture. I imagine it's the same way with numerology; I just don't know much about this practice.

    I'm curious, though, why you would be reading this site if you reject astrology, numerology, etc.? 🙂

  • no my uncle has a degeree in that feild and I have recieved one.......already...but that was when I was 22 and already established pfr 8 years on my own.

    everyone has an inner light...........I am certified reiki healer and in law school,,,,,,,,anyone who read some of the post is deperate, needs help, mentality....

    It’s when you are confused about yourself that you will accept anything. You think you are lost, looking and maybe a bit frustrated and desperate. Self Discovery has the word self in it. The title means to trust intuition and apply your logic that lies within you and no one else. You are more likely to accept anything because you are at a confused state, so any verbiage from a zodiac etc will sound good and is a quick fix with ease to put instant pleasure to the “pain”. It’s when we are not developed, aka children, do we get influenced easily and mislead. Of course any zodiac sounds great, doesn’t it but I can analogize any zodiac to me because we all contain all those characteristics to some degree. We all feel that same emotions, so we all understand and exalt the same thoughts to get those emotions we all feel; anger, rage, confusion…etc. At a weak point in self when we say, “I am lost”, “I need”, “Help”. Do not forget those words; lost, confused, need; that’s when we are vulnerable not when we claim and feel personal power. We only have a title then to look at and we really should be looking at our name but again we are off path of enlightenment clearly, so we look to what is in the media and outer world, aka zodiac and the title that fits the birth date is what and only what we seem to measure with because the title that is our birth date. We often settle due to lack of convictions as well. Now onto opposing a zodiac again: Self Discovery; (Self) + (discovery) = discover self, self discovers self, self means solo, you. Discovery is time introspection, sacrifice and patience along with trust in self and believing in self after adventures and actions, experiences, choices, current placement, what has actually remained consistent in our lives? Ah the things we preserve and persevere, thus our values as well. Things we hold worthy to our nature and things we have ability in, ah our character developing already!

    Hello its 1:18am, so here I am writing about this at 1:18am, says a lot about me!

    I got to know myself by this: in all your endeavors ask yourself what is it that you do that strikes positive...even if it is not your duties or job title you are giving something out to others with positive results......EX. I always seek and challenge the integrity line in any relationship demeanor because of the capability of people having a kid with no foundation. In all my endeavors I have been the “prosecutor, leader, questioner, lawyer) what is my main drive? Ah I think; “oh a child!" Well I was abandon by mother and my father died. I went through much abuse and the hardships alone girl goes through at 15 with no parents. Now out alone in the world and I need to get shelter, the basic needs on my own. My turmoil turned into my contrivances; Healing Reiki certified counselor, ARMY STRONG WARRIOR and law school to be a Law Guardian.

    What repeat behaviors do you hold that effect humanity and give and return positive results?

    It’s really paying attention to your own life and seeing patterns.

    Here is another good one to learn you: (Values, risks, affluence, ability, personal courage, and sacrifice) I packed up and went on a soul searching trip alone. I drive from NY to Arizona. During my trip I learned about me and that I loved diplomatic conversation, making peace with all different groups of people, the unknown, risk, having to use articulation, standing ready and always maintaining myself and equipment. I love searching into the unknown and gathering truth about self and people. I gather truth and am willing to put myself on the line to catch deceit and wrong doings. I learned what was important to me...what I could put in my little car, everything else left behind and then got stolen lol...oh well but what did I consider most important. What was with me....Journal, my art tools, culinary tools, my school books, my family photos, etc......My money...why is all of it in the bank since I was little...I sacrifice many things to have a foundation for family..Shows value but also maturities do to my contrivance Law guardian my actions fighting for the foundation and upbringing of children........

    My choices; my actions alone without duties and orders...what are they?

    What risks have I been willing to take for what cause?

    There is a few

    Also; much introspection and self talk out loud is key. To myself and question to self on the how could I attract this, the what really happened here now that I am outside the box of the situation, the talking out loud of my actions .........and so on.....answers are within you.........



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