• I would like to thank you for your input on the BENEFICIARY post. I would like to know how you feel about my beloved pet's blanket disappearing? I looked everywhere..she passed on OCT> 28, 2009.

    Many things have happened since her passing...I don't really like to talk about it because people think i'm goin crazy, but I know you will understand. Besides see her and dreaming about her and hearing my beloved pet, I hear a voice calling after she passed about one month later comming from the radio. THe blender going off at 4:30 AM. Horrible odor in my kitchen of smoke and underarm BO..happened 2 times.

    And..her blanket gone, missing, disappeared! I live in a different state now and I had the opportunity to go into everywhere piece by piece..stilll NO blanket!!

    Now that I am in another state, I have another rescue now from the same state I got my beloved pet who passed. SHADOW was in the bedroom and the TV went off by itself! She wasn't on my bed and I don't keep the remote on my bed either so she couldn't have turned it on.

    Sometimes these occurences freak me out! Should I be worried?

    Blessed BE!


  • Answered in your other thread. You should not be worried - she's just being a bit boisterous, still thinking she has her doggie physical body.

  • thank you Captain! xxx

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