Beloved pet's blanket gone!

  • My beloved girl pass on Oct.. 28, 2010. Since then I've experienced unnatural phenumonum.

    One was see a beautiful golden jelly like globe of the brightest golden color float down from the ceiling to her ashes which I kept on the living room table along with other religious items.

    One morning around 4:30 AM my blender went off by itself. Also, I would like to ad I live by myself as well. One evening an odor of smoke and underarm odor was so strong, I had to kinda walk back because of it..happened twice.

    Her blanket disappeared! GONE! I looked everywhere for it! I slept with it and since I moved to another state, I was into everything...still GONE!

    Now that I am another state...i was in my living room and had another rescue who was in my bedroom, the TV in there went off by itself! AND NO the remote was not on the bed, so I know she didn't turn it out by jumping on the bed, she was next to the dresser where I had the TV on.....

    I'm still scratching my head...any input would be greatly appreciated..



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