The Captain - Can You Help Me, Please?

  • Hi,

    I would love your insight : ) I recently met and have been seeing this guy.. Just going to keep it short... He seems almost too good to be true.. and I've heard that when it seems to be, it usually is (too good to be true).. We laugh, talk, and get along great.. although there ARE a few awkward quiet times...But we laugh about those too : )

    His DOB is: March 12, 1974 (Birth time unknown / Houston, TX)

    My DOB is: January 26, 1967 (Birth time: 603pm Los Angeles, CA)

    I've read that we don't match well... So, do you see us making it long term (happily)? What do you see for us in the future??

    Thanks In Advance : )


  • This can be good for love although marriage or the longterm will be more difficult. This relationship is likely to focus on theoretical realms not easily approached or understood by other people. Philosophical speculation comes naturally to you two as individuals, a trait that your relationship magnifies. You both have antennae out for each other.and are extremely sensitive to each other's wishes and moods, often anticipating them in a highly gratifying way which reinforces the relationship's psychic solidarity. Although you are more mentally oriented and your friend more emotionally oriented in everyday matters, such differences are more likely to complement rather than disturb your relationship.

    A love affair here can be magical, ephemeral, and hard to pin down. You two are extremely empathic - each person's sensitivity to what the other is feeling may cause you real pain. You gladly share each other's problems, but at times may have trouble distinguishing your own difficulties from those of the other, for ego boundaries can blur here and identities can merge. In marriage, resolute willpower will have to be used to retain each person's individuality, a quality that children often need in their parents. Too often a monolithic front signals a breakdown of autonomous personalities. You must find a balance between empathy and individuality. Share, but also lay claim to what is yours. Don't do absolutely everything together and retain your own set of friends and interests along with sharing each other's. Try not to dump all your problems on each other.

  • Dear Captain, I can't seem to get an answer anywhere about something I wonder about often. I wonder if I will ever see my birthday twin that tried to save me from my own stupidity 3 times. His birthday and mine are both 3/27/35 born in the same hospital. I'm so sorry I didn't listen to him. I just wonder if I will ever see him again ? Do you have any ideas on this Captain ? Bless you.Jan

  • Cceldredge, please start your own thread by clicking on the "Create a new topic" button at the top right of this page and I will answer you there. I don't like to mix threads.

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