A question to Cris1962

  • hello Cris1962, can i ask you a question?

    What does the future hold for me as far as love, relationships and career are concerned?

    I've been told changes are coming with regard to my job. How do you see it?

  • Hi moonalisa,

    With regards to love, I get the message that you are playing a waiting game for now. I don't see you with anyone in the foreseeable future, however, there is a bit of a love triangle going on in your life as we speak. I think you will make the decision not to bother, as such, and will strike off on your own to give yourself emotional space for a while. In mid-2011, I see you pairing up with someone tallish and reasonably dark who has been on the periphery of your life for some time and who you least expected anything romantic with. This will be a very successful pairing. He paints, either paintINGS or walls ... !?

    As for work, well, I see you in a field presently that you are running out of steam with. You are wanting something much more fulfilling/creative. You have been at the forefront with your job so far, and the changes I see will involve you being more in the background, planning, creating and ..... strategising is the word I get! You have a very analytical mind and you need to be in a field which feeds that; where you can think at some leisure, rather than constantly be thinking on your feet. I hope that makes sense. I also am getting that the company or organisation you are currently working for is on the verge of folding, or at least down-sizing.

    There is a family issue plaguing you which will be resolved within the next 6-12 months. You had a part to play in it, but you have suffered due to the ego's of others involved. You have been the scapegoat in a sense. There is a sibling who you have estranged yourself from, and sadly, I don't see that ever really resolving itself. But you must ask yourself: would you pick that sibling as a friend if you weren't related to them? The answer should bring you comfort. You have done nothing wrong here, but merely tried to protect yourself and one other.

    I hope this helps, though in truth, I feel as though I've just done a reading for myself and hope that isn't the case!!!

    Take care


  • This post is deleted!

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