Career Reading, please...

  • Only few months, I'll be 26. I have plans but still haven't had decision yet.

    Can you please give me a career reading?

    Thank you very much

    My DOB is March 26, 1985 (10:05am - GMT+7) - Tayninh, Vietnam.

  • Hi ut it

    I see you in the travel industry, either as a tour guide, or as a travel agent. Maybe you'll start as a tour guide then work your way towards being a travel agent or something like that. I also see you working with native animals; trekking and leading groups of people, while educating them on the wildlife, both flora and fauna. I hope this makes sense to you.



  • Hi cris1962,

    I stumbled across your insight on this thread. I would also like to know what you see in my future career. 9/22/83 (9:07am GMT+7). Thank you for your time

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