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  • I haven't been on here in a very long time, but decided to pop back in and see what the lay of the land is. My question is very general: can anyone tell me what they see coming up for me from now and into 2011? And any insight into what has gone on in my life throughout 2010 will also be very welcome!

    Thanks! Hope you are all well 🙂

  • Hi Cris, nice to see you back!

    I feel next year you will be devoting yourself to your psychic readings and ability like never before. Life and love has always distracted you from your true calling until now. Issues and problems that have been holding you back are now resolving themselves. I feel a book may be in the offing?

  • Thanks Captain! Don't know how often I'll be able to get on here, but something drew me back last night and here I am ...

    You're probably right that life and love have distracted me from what I'm truly meant to be doing. While I still am searching deep down for that "thing" with someone, I get the feeling it's being pulled further and further away from me. It's not bothering me as much as it was earlier this year, and I have got very used to being on my own without the demands and complications of a marriage/rel that is wrong for me. My ex and I are still friends and I am going to ring my own bell here in saying that I've worked very, very hard indeed to maintain that. I've helped him through his own grief process for the marriage breakup, although he is now at the usual "male ego" stage" of acceptign it's over, but of course, it's nothing to do with HIM; rather, it's ME who had to go and do this and this. That may be right, but don't you love the male refusal to accept responsbility for a breakup when they aren't the ones who instigated it?? Ah well ...

    You aren't the first to suggest a book. It's something I've been meaning to do for years now, but always I look at a blank page on the computer and it glares back at me accusingly ... and REMAINS EMPTY. BAH!

    How on earth are you my friend? Last time we spoke I recall something about rubbing a lil genie lamp ... hehe

    Thanks for this reading too; it makes sense and I guess a part of me is pleased while the other is resigned to the fact that I won't be with a significant other for quite a while yet. Ain't getting any younger, but ... the Higher Ups have other ideas I guess!!

    Thanks again,



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  • Spiritually I have learnt a lot but materially things just seem to get worse, despite my efforts at maintaining my positivity. There's probably something vital I'm missing regarding money as we never can see our own situation that clearly, can we? I also don't have a significant other but I've realise we all search for an ideal romance whereas what we usually get is far from that. So I am not missing a relationship all that much - I am enjoying the peace of being on my own. Other people, no matter how nice, still bring their own problems with them.

    I feel like your book will be part biography and part "Psychic ability for dummies' sort of thing.

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  • I'll do that; thanks! It seems we've both learned a lot spiritually, though I have to say materially (as in money) I've managed pretty well this year, but I take that to be the Higher Ups telling me I CAN manage on my own in ALL ways and don't need a stupid man to help me financially or in any other way. And I emphasise the word STUPID. A smart man on the other hand ... well, that'd be something wouldn't it? But how many of them are there? Not many. I've got like you really; I enjoy my alone time and not having that time (apart from work) being commandeered by a significant other and I even escape a fair few demands from the kids too which helps me a great deal. It was all up to me pretty much and now my ex is bearing the brunt of the load these days. Do I feel guilty about this at all? Marginally, but at the end of the day, I've done my fair share too.

    I'll send you a test email to make sure I've got it right, then we can yak privately.

    Keep your chin up,



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