Any one else feel cheated by cupids day off?

  • Most of my life i have been unable to date to get of the first floor, so to speak I am a shy person when it comes to love also it does not help that I am a male cparicorn....j/k

    In the past I used to ask any one out always getting the same reply I am with some gets old after awhile hearing I tried asking if any my my friends knew anyone...nope

    So I gave up for some time,,,,think that maybe if I was not looking it would find me........well WRONG!!!!!!! that did not work . sometimes I feel that the universe pulls the football away from me at the last I am not blaming all my love woes on the universe, and some of them are my fault...but I have done a lot of introspection of my life and I know what i want out of it I know what I am looking for in some one....something has to change I am frustrated....

    Any one else feel cheated by cupids day off.

    also ever wounder what the universe has in store for us?

    But on a positive note this year I am hoping my luck will change.

  • I am a female Taurus, and I do feel cheated by Cupid. And I do wonder what's out there in the universe. I'm going to discover every depth of it. Whose with me?!?! Capricorns? VIrgos? Fellow Taureans? Any other signs besides the Earth signs?

  • And you're also right, I think everyones luck is going to change this year!

  • Hi, I hope luck is good for you all. I'm single. Have some good friends. Not a lot but a few. Hope God blesses you w/good friends.

  • Aw, thanks! You know, there should be more people out there like you! Btw, what's your sign?

  • Oh, and I wish you good luck too! Everyone deserves a little bit of luck!

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