Help! Is this real?

  • I met someone online 2 years ago his DOB is 18/7/88, we became a couple last summer, but he has an extremely busy life and rarely has time for us (no cheating, but he studies and cannot say no when people need a favour). I'm almost twice his age (39) 16/7/71 and have some misgivings about this relationship, the time being one factor, the distance being another major factor. He's in US and I'm in UK. He's genuine and sincere in his desire to see me, but it never happens, however, the time and distance have affected me to badly that I broke up with him last summer because I couldn't handle the distance anymore. We have tried to get together a few times, but money and lack of luck have prevented this. We have tried to repair this relationship, but we both feel anger and resentment over the breakup, naturally and each feels justified in their actions, even though we can accept the cause of them. We do still love each other, I know his feelings are genuine, but we're no longer in love, and we have little intimacy. He often says he'll try and come to me because -I need him- but he never says he needs me. I don't have a lot of confidence, although I had much more when we met, but I feel, deep down, that we will never meet, and hoping for it but not truly having faith that it will happen is destroying me, making me angry and emotional when we talk because I am losing faith in us and him, which is hurting him. I can't bear to be without him, but there has been so much emotional drama lately, that being with him is just as painful. He always fights for us when I try to leave, but it's as if he won't fight for us when things are going well. He says he cannot bear to be without me, but his actions often express the opposite. He's not a liar, but we've both been hurt by the breakup and he's not open with me like he was. There's no physical intimacy now, as we were trying to rebuild the friendship first and his only goal is to come here to be with me, but my concern is that it's a habit he's afraid to give up, rather than a genuine need to be with me. I'm going crazy, thinking the worst, suffering with depression, and I really don't know whether this will ever be real, or if I am just kidding myself. If anyone can help, please post some advice. Thankyou.


  • Would it be possible to have a reading also?? I'm not sleeping over this and I'm destroying what we do have a little each day...we're both so unhappy now, but we were so much in love that it's too hard to give the chance up of feeling that way again.

  • Joanne. I will do a reading for you.

  • "please send open messages of divine guidance and truth to Joanne about her current relationship" Joanne is in the UK and her partner is in the US" Please send divine truth and guidance to Joanne on her way foward with this relationship" What divine truth does Joanne most need to know"

    Joanne, this is what I will seek divine guidance for.

  • Joanne:

    Way Foward:

    Situation: Knight Cups:Watch the need to weed out dishonesty and fleeting energy. Further, I will ask you to take this action by means of emotional intelligence. Use your ability of intuitive perception to gain the knowledge you need in the situation expressed in the cards.

    Are you using your powers of perception appropriately?

    Cause: Knight Wands: swift motion, career or passion oriented move, change, a possible trip, a high energy and adventourous motion...possibly trip overseas?

    Main Point of Interest: Devil:The Devil is a very loud message stating that we're in danger of giving up our control to our base nature. Or, it's a message that we've already dropped to a level of functioning that is beneath us.

    We are designed for greatness, yet when we stoop to the level of ego-thinking we're blind to our own beauty.

    This is not to say the ego is all bad. We all need our ego's to function. Ego is a problem only when we allow it to run through our thoughts unchecked. An uncontrolled mind is an ego-driven mind. An ego-driven mind is one that operates under the illusion that love and acceptance must be obtained at all cost.

    The truth is that love and acceptance can never be gained because they are always ours - they are at the core of our being at all times.

    Way foward: Justice-now justice can be balance ans weighing a decision on both sides fair and logical. This is also acceptance of a situation based on past actions. Justice in a reading is a call to examine what we've done in the past, contemplate future actions - balance the equation - take responsibility and be sure in all matters we remain as even-minded as possible in our endeavors. Keep in mind the Justice card is staight-forward and to the point. There is no hiding, no making excuses, no procrastination. Lady Justice cuts down all illusions and exposes the heart of the matter for what it is. The Justice card can help you take a look at your responsibilities and obligations and see that you've been falling short of the mark.

    Am I being HONEST with self? Do I need to take some time to re-examine my life because I'm out of balance?

    Can I keep a proper equalibrium - do I have an even temper & even mind?

    Outcome: 7 swords:Whichever path we take, when this cards shows up in a reading it is essential to make that clear choice first. The high advice of this card is: "Be not of two minds."

    Am I clear about the choices I'm making? Why am I making these choices?

    Am I clear about the direction in which I'm headed?

    Is the traditional way always the best way?

    Or, can I use traditional methods in innovative ways?

    Am I using all my senses to the best benefit of myself and others?

    Am I sending mixed signals?

    What am I leaving behind?

    Do I feel I have to give things up in order to gain? Why?

    take care

    peace love


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