Dear Cris1962!

  • Thanks again Suramya,

    The first two months sounds about right. Me and the ex are both having trouble moving on, and even though I accept that, it's awfully wearing and I feel held back. Still, I always say that the end of the year puts people in the frame of mind to be amongst the familiar, so I'm trying to ride the tide in a manner of speaking and look forward to what the new year brings.

    I don't know what it's like to be in a sexually fulfilling relationship, truth be told. It's always been a disappointment in the past and I truly don't think I've expected too much there. I'm sick of being the one who gives all the time and being left going through the motions. Yet I don't want something that'll burn out after a few months and leave me feeling like a wet sock!!

    I guess I'm questioning now whether I did the right thing leaving my husband after all, although something keeps telling me I did, as hard as it's been getting lately. Doubts are assaulting me from all sides and I'm hard-pressed not to focus on the negativity I seem to be drawing to me.

    I do appreciate the time you've taken here and even though next year sounds a bit more promising than this year has been, I'm still very wary and doubtful ...

    We'll see huh? How's things been with you? Busy, busy like the rest of us at this time of year, though I've managed to avoid some of it the last few days!!

    To repeat myself; thank you once again. You're one of the few who don't turn things around to be all about them which has really been annoying me with a few on here just lately. Like, you post up a thread asking about something to do with yourself, and next thing you know, it ends up being about someone else! Ah well ... Cancerians can be a bit self-focused sometimes I spose ... :))

    Anyway, best be off. Daughter wants computer and I want to recline in my recliner!

    All the best my friend,



  • Hi! How are you doing cris?! Just

    wanted to validate your reading. A temporary change of location has brought me breathing space, opportunities,friends and happiness.Hope the rest of your reading comes true as well!

    love and best wishes

  • hi cris and suramya, saw cris after a long time and wanted to get some help.

    please excuse me for posting on your thread but as soon as cris answers i will start a new thread, i am an old member here.


    thanks for reading my request.

    I would appreciate a reading for me (Gagan) and him ( Jose), we met in our classes six months back, started interacting 3 months back, now going for our first date next month when we r both free. We are both 30+ working professionals.

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