Dear Cris1962!

  • Dear Cris 1962

    Hello!How are you?And the new house?

    This is to tell you that you had predicted a back ache,when reading for me two years ago.I couldnt make sense of it then but it came true this year!

    May I request you to read for me again?!

    Love and Light

  • Hey! How are you? House is going just fine ... I love the peace and quiet and don't seem to miss the "noise" of being married!?

    Could we do a swap? If memory serves, you have a gift as well, so if you'd like to pose your question, then I'll pose mine! But I do get a very strong healing light around you now; and a sense that you are finally "stretching out" and giving yourself a much needed emotional break. Back aches often signify a feeling of being unsupported in life, but I think you have strengthened considerably in the last year and that feeling of not being supported is finally leaving you. Plus you work way too hard ... but don't we all?

    Good to talk to you again!



  • Thank you Cris it IS lovely to talk to you again!You have this warmth about you:)

    Thank you so much for giving me this encouragement...I am indeed at a turning point emotionally and I have done alot of soulsearching in the past year.In this journey I have found support here at ,mainly from the Captain,Hanswolfgang,and Laie 4 and Hp.

    On the Captain's suggestion I do attempt Tarot reading sometimes.I also practice Reiki and can send remote healing,so let me know what you would like!

    I was looking for a general reading if you have time ,but what you have written here is making me feel better already!:)

  • Oh thanks so much suramya! Yknow, I broke a tooth or lost a filling last night, so if there's some sort of remote healing you can send to avoid a trip to the dentist ... hahahahahaha!! I hate dentists and the last extraction I had laid me up for a couple of days (it was a molar which this one is too). Ah the luck of it ...

    And it's good to talk to you again too, because you have the same warmth about you that you say I have :)))




    PS: Of course, like everyone else, I'd love to know if I'm going to spend the rest of my life unpartnered or not ... sigh ...

  • Dear Chris

    I did a reiki session for you and sent remote healing to you overall ,including teeth.

    I got the image of you sitting in a rocking chair or some chair rocking yourself to comfort in a secure house.Am not sur what that means.Sent healing to your heart anyways!

    On doing a tarot reading I got the devil in the you now position.I read that as addiction to self destructive habits or thought patterns.You are physically in a new and beautiful space but in your heart you seem to be in a limbo.The hanged man turned up in the blockage position.Maybe you are wondering if you always give or sacrifice too much.

    You can get out of this mindset.Your ability to give attracts people to you.Also you seem to be managing your resources well.Your practical but nurturing approach makes people admire you.They see you as very much in control.

    In the near future there is going to be a decptive person in your love life.You would do well to use your considerable intelligence and common sense when dealing with this dynamic and resourceful person.Intuition wont help you very much with this situation.

    Later,I dont know when there is a very active ,masculine and somewhat more mature person coming your way with whom you are likely to forge a happy relationship.Look out for opportunities.You may know him already or he will soon come into your circle but it maybe a while before you get closer to this friend.

    Accept the reading at your own discretion.This is just what I got just now.

    Best wishes!

  • Hi again Suramya,

    Thank you for this; it's very insightful and pretty much on the knocker. The only thing I question - if that's the word - is the timeline. I did have someone quite deceptive in my life not long ago, and my intuition didn't help me much at first, however, I got the message very quickly that this person was going to be someone who'd take from me constantly and try to control me as well. Suffice to say, I ended the friendship and got him out of my life completely, even though it cost me some $$. It could've been worse, but I'm glad I acted quickly, although not quickly enough to keep me from wasting money on this situation. At least it was in the hundreds and not thousands, which is why I say it could've been much worse than it was.

    My ex husband is also still very much in my life as a friend, but I wonder what his true motives are and whether or not to trust the friendship. Not an easy one, but I just take each day as it comes and try to protect myself if I think I'm being manipulated. He can't let go and I know I'm also dealing with the residue of a very long term marriage (24 years) which for the most part wasn't very happy and more hard work love-wise than it should've been. We'd probably make great housemates, but lovers? No.

    I've given up on finding anyone to be with and wonder if there is a higher purpose involved, and a higher calling meant for me rather than being tied down to the wants, whims and needs of some silly man!! If the next "person" in my life is going to be mature and masculine (don't care how old he is), then well and good, but I know I don't want someone who pulls me down, hinders or blocks me in living the life I'm meant to. I don't do that to others, never have, yet seem to constantly draw those to me who don't want to let me "be" if you know what I mean ... sigh.

    So thank you for this. If you get anything else on this, it would be much appreciated.

    As for yourself, I really feel you're almost a mirror image of me! You're a very big giver, love to be able to do for others while often forgetting yourself and missing out as some you give to just take without thought for you.

    My suggestion to you is when you give out anything to another person - this was advice given to me on here by a very wise person months ago - ask the universe for something in return, even if it's just energy. But don't leave yourself depleted, otherwise you'll burn out.

    I am sensing a major change coming up for you quite soon, but can't see in what area that'll be. It could be work, but I think i's more in the lines of living arrangements/location. The next 12 months will see you in a much slower lifestyle where you can breathe more easily. Are you plagued by asthma? Well this new environment will see an end to that. If not asthma, I'm just getting that you're feeling a bit restricted either in self-expression and/or just plain being able to breathe, relax and BE. You need to wonder about with time on your hands, and no-one to commandeer it but yourself, even if it is only a few days or weeks. Try to give yourself this, because you'll feel much more refreshed and that resentment I'm getting from you will ease as well. Remember, resentment often results from other people taking either resources or time from you, so try to recoup as much of that as you can. You owe it to yourself my friend.

    Hope this further helps you!

    Again, thanks for your time,




  • Thank you very very much for the wonderful advice,about asking the Universe to send some energy when Im giving....this has helped me more than you know.Your reading is correct about my resentment ,which is mild and subconscious but there!And I dont like thinking like that at all:)Breathing easy seems right on the symbolic level.Ive just let go of a restricting association in which I was the giver and the person did take without any thought for me as you put it.Wow how do you do this!But I know this has also brought me growth and self reflection.I do hope I get those couple of weeks to recuperate!

    I would love to do another reading for you.Its just that I feel Im on shaky ground with Tarot or any other psychic reading.Reiki Im more confident about because there Im just a channel of healing.Thanks for the feedback.Will try to read for you again today or tommorrow.Chris ,what are these gifts that you think I have?!

    How is your tooth?Take care love!

  • pS.wHEN i GOT THE DEVIL CARD IN THE MORNING IT SHOWS TWO PEOPLE IN BONDAGE ,AND THIS CARD OFTEN REFERS TO MARRIAGE AND UNBREAKABLE BONDS.mAYBE THE MESSAGE WAS THAT THIS FRIENDSHIP with your ex husband ,is holding you both back.Maybe he will also learn to be more independent is he moves away for a while.And a break from him will ofcourse be good for you.

    Ill lket you know if something else comes up...

    (sorry fr the caps!)

  • Okay heres the reading.I took up 3 sets of 3 cards each for your ex husband,the magician guy (rep by tarot card Magician!)from the past , and the new guy in the future ,who showed up AGAIN ,believe it or not ,as the King of Wands...twice in the same day!

    About the husband,please do not be offended, but the cards show a mean ,miserly streak in him.Does he try to control you through financial planning or need or posssessiveness and manipulation?There is deep seated insecurity and fear of change in him and probably some is rubbing off on you?You do both like to discuss financial issues together.The cards advise you to welcome new friends and some fun and socializing in your life.You will soon be ready to move on in life.Look towards future interactions and prospects with joy ,leave the past behind.

  • On the guy from the past,loss comes through in 5 of swords.Cut your losses and move on.The experience has probably given you time to introspect.; even though the knowledge came at a price.(Hermit).Steer clear of any control issues or financial issues with this guy in the future even though you are right now in control of this situation.

  • About the KIng of Wands in the near future,the card signifies a charismatic ,almost dramatic,talented male authority figure.Even if this card refers to you ,it meands that the energy you should be sending out to meet this nice guy is that of activity,initiative,boldness,leadership skills etc.You will soon get some communication about him though you may or may not recognize it.Keep your eyes and ears open for possibilities(I got this twice today: wheel of fortune in the morning ,eight of wands now).You and he will share probably a battle of wits ,being two powerful people,well matched in intelligence and instinct.

    The cards do warn you not to idealize the person too much or expect too much; even though the star is traditionally the wish fulfillment an dinspiration card,I read this as saying that you should continue to keep a more pragmatic,practical approach to relationships.

    Hope this helps

    Love and Light

  • Hey,

    Well, I agree with what the Devil card signifies in your reading. I feel we're both clutching on to the remnants of what we're finding hard to let go. I'm not going to put all of that on his shoulders, because I know deep down I'm having a hard time letting go too. I think it's the security he's always provided and the fact that he's someone who's always there when another is in a sticky spot. We're going away for a weekend in a few weeks and I truly think after that, and Christmas has been and gone, we'll both be able to move on properly because we've given it our best shot, more than once truth be told.

    I feel that given a new relationship, I won't go into it too starry-eyed or idealistic anyway. I've learned through some hard knocks this year that people are largely ego-driven, and don't always function from the heart centre. With that in mind, unless I'm lucky enough to meet the reincarnation of Jesus or Buddha, I'll have my work cut out for me I think. I've been bitten more than once this year, although I didn't get in too deep with anyone thank God, but knew enough to not go too far. Lucky. Still, I'm tired of being constantly disillusioned about love and wondering if I'm asking for too much. AT the end of the day, I'm enjoying my alone time for the most part. But gee, I sure miss that heart-thumping, knee-knocking feeling although I'm pretty sure I need to accept that that feeling won't be part of the next one. Pity, because it sure makes you feel like a teenager all over again! Getting older and wiser has its advantages, but jeezus, it can also be a lil bit BORING. A bit of spontaneity and fun would be good, so hopefully that'll soon come about too.

    You mentioned addictive behaviours and/or thought processes? Dead on there. Being a Cancerian, I am very afraid of history repeating itself and find it hard to let go of what's been. I feel like my life up until now has been a series of disappointments, betrayals and to a fair degree, plain out and out meanness. I've never given that out, but have received it in spades, so yes, I do get concerned that I'm up for more, so I know i need to work on letting that go.


    You did well I reckon Suramya and should work on this gift a bit more. You are not only being led by the cards, but interpreting them psychically as well, which is always a good thing. Remember that readings are largely that six-sense thing, without visual props (cards), so you've done very well here and one day, might just be able to read without cards. I'm not knocking the use of them: don't get me wrong! I tend not to use them in my readings because I find them distracting, although sometimes it's useful for the person you're reading for to have somethign to look at while you're thinking!!

    Anyway, I do appreciate your time here. And I'll bet that things I've described about my own life will resonate with yours ... hehe

    Tak care; talk again soon



  • Yes they do...resonate I mean! Maybe coz i have my moon in cancer:)

    Thanks for the suggestion about using the cards only as a catalyst to a psycic reading.The Captain has said the same as well.I think it may be quite a while before I can "sense" things psychically!

    Maybe we are being constantly disillusioned in love because disillusionment and dienchantment leading to detachment and universal compassion is the true spiritual path.Blmoon once said these beautiful words:Our wounded attractions are the true source of our spiritual lessons.I have begun to believe it.But being more cancerian than my sunny sag self ,Im mighty clingy when it comes to the past ,even though I dont want to be:)

    But still one lives and one learns;)

    thanks and great catching up w u

    Love and Light dear one

  • That'sgood to hear! Maybe Blmoon is right about detachment and universal compassion. But sometimes we get just a bit SICK of doing it largely alone; we're human after all and deserve to give and receive love without condition, but it seems to be harder for some of us than others to find that. Still, we keep on, hoping that things'll get better while we wonder why it is that we never outright hurt anyone deliberately, yet seem to cop it from all angles! Very frustrating ...

    I wanted to acknowledge another part of the reading you gave me about my ex husband:

    Yes, he can be a bit tight with money and loves to control financially. Even though I managed the money during most of our marriage, sometimes I'd be questioned about why the groceries cost so much, etc. Even when I was working and bringing in money of my own! He also is controlling and still is trying to control me even though I'm not his wife anymore.

    I'm trying my best not to get too impatient with this situation; trying to keep the faith that he'll eventually let me go and we'll both be able to move on. But it's not been an easy ride this year. He has laid guilt trips on me and continues to, but I am largely ignoring this because none of what he is suffering is MY FAULT, but he can't see that. Men never do want to take responsibility; it's always got to be someone else's fault.

    Anyway, I just wanted to acknowledge that part of your reading. Dead on again Suramya! Let's see how this all pans out ...

    Cheers & Blessings



  • Thanks for the feedback.

    Yo woman you are strong,everything will pan out just fine:)

    Feel the sun, smell the flowers and enjoy your own company for you are a very interesting person;)



  • Hi again,

    I keep going back to your reading/s and finding things which I'd like to validate. The first one is where you mentioned a rockin chair in a secure house? Well, I have rocker/recliners and often sit in one of them and rock myself, then recline right back. Not often enough, but I still do it here and there when I've got a moment to do that. My house is secure; not in the lock and key sense, but location and protection. I rarely feel unsafe or insecure here, so there's some more confirmation of what you've said.

    The second thing is where you mentioned a guy from my past ... and I should cut my losses? Well, I had an incident with a fellow in August/September who I got out of my life as quickly as he came into it, although I lost money in the doing. Still, it was worth it to get him away from me. He was a true player and played me so well I couldn't believe how well he'd done it. He's never paid me back the money I loaned him even though he promised he would. So I cut my losses, thanked the universe for letting me see - quickly - how bad this relationship would've become and for helping me get him out of my life.

    See how well you're doing here? Just thought you'd like to know!

    And yes, often I do feel the sun, smell and flowers and enjoy my own company because that's what this place offers. It's like a patch of healing that I was drawn to and am now reaping the benefits of. I do get lonely out here sometimes, especially when i get home from an exhausting or difficult day at work, but a few reds soon fixes that ... hahaha 🙂

    So thank you again. I think it's always important to give feedback, especially when someone's feeling their way with readings and in my humble view, you're doing just fine guuurl.

    Thank you also for YOUR positive feedback of liloleme ... it does give me encouragement and keeps me on the path I'm on.

    The only thing I keep wondering about is how long it'll be before myself and the ex really let go of each other and move on ... but I guess that's part of the universal plan of detachment and compassion, which makes sense to me even though sometimes it drives me nuts!

    Again, thank you, and may a million flowers nod their heads as you pass and a warm, soothing sun always be on your back :))




  • Wow what a moving image there at the end.Thank you thank you:)

    It was very good of you to give me such a detailed feedback and encouragement.Im so glad to find people like you on this site.Am caught upto my neck in work at the mo.Would love to read for you after 2nd dec.

    Have a good good weekend:)


  • Thankyou Suramya. You have a good weekend too. I think we're all about to get pretty busy now, so we'll take snatches of tarot support when and where we can. I'm using these few days off to advantage, I can tell you!

    Take care,




  • Dear Cris

    Been a while!was bogged down w work.Am not sure how to read time frame but heres what I tried ...I did a reading for the next few months:

    First three months starting now:2 pentacles.Not able to fully let go of your ex hubby .But getting there.Still see home,hearth,financial issues keeping you together. But your heart seems free.

    3 to 6 months from now:I see you getting restless,impulsive,out to have fun ,off and away exploring new possibilities (Knight wands).And in yr life is a sexy,masculine guy or at least a sexually fulfilling relationship(ace of wands).

    6to 9 months from now: A good friendship,harmonious relationship with someone,but still feeling the waters before commiting your heart.

    Also as far as your ex husband is concerned,you will be able to let go with the help of a mediator.This person will show him(my guess) how to move on and be independent.You will both will be working on commitment choices at this time.

    Hope this helps!

  • have a good weekend! x.x.x.

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