New here and open to a reading and will give one in return

  • Turtle dust:) this is for you. here is a great way to get better at cards..sound them out and talk out load the cards.

    I pick about four to five words that really exalt the meaning of each card. Now when they flip and the first one that comes to mind, (intuition) I apply that demeanor in concern to the question and surrounding cards.

    Go through all the cards and pick one word that discribes that card in its dignity.


    I pulled lets say I pull ok....5 cups 8 coins 6 coins

    5 cups to me no matter what, loss regret, unhappiness with current situation.....

    8 coins-work, craft, mastering skill- results, so to me its Effort

    6 coins- pictures are also very key, thats why the rider wait is ggod it shows the true demeanor

    A man with a balance scale and two poupers: weighing the scale on who is worthy of his energy. (time, money, love...) so I see choice, what is worthy of my energy, self worth, what is going to get men the best results?

    So here is the three card spread interpreted

    unhappiness with my efforts concerning where I am applying my energy out of choice and my overal results.

    then you can pull an advice card....once you get really good you really just use these cars for a guide in self discovery in your time to introspect...they are like little you pull one out from time to time......make your own tarot guid may be you at home journaling and hitting an epiphany and say hey I am on to something here....ask the question just to give your intuity a little turbo boost....

    Advice is: tower- tower to me is realease because its a release of a false security and it frees you from a foundation that was no longer serving you......

    clearly that endeavor was not serving you and it was false you are now able to free yourself from it and move can then use your own judgement and seek new work or hobby or are the one clearly knowing your capabilities....

    there is an example

  • how do you do the daily advice spread?

  • Example of a 3 card reading: 5 cups 8 coins 6 coins

    All 78 cards too you your deck and mind are your deck speaks WITH you. Go through all the cards and lable each one with one word that exats the cards demeanor. Then pick 4-5 words that discribe the demeanor as well.

    When you pull a card and the first response in your brain is refinement when you get the 8 pentacles, then you know thats significant...because its also meaning work, practice, crafmanship. The one word I picked is Effort because that one word sums all.

    Like I do for self discovery: Talk it out, sound out the cards, tell the story out loud.

    Tarot is really a tool, as I console myself out loud...if I come to a block or an intuitive epiphany..I may pull a card to give my mind some my personal tarot are just pulled cards needed to give me a push and ask myself questions pertaining to the dememanor of the card and the first word that strikes me out of the 4-5 I pick with concern to my title of the cards, like Effort for the 8 coins.

    So lets sound it out:

    5 cups can be regret or loss, dissapointment so the one I choose is unhappiness

    8 coins well as we know Effort

    6 pentacles: the man with a scale weighing who or what he gives his energy to, what deserves, what is worth, what gives the most satisfaction? your time, choice....cause and results

    So here we go

    unhappiness concerning my efforts about a choice on where to apply my self

    now we can add those 4-5 words

    I am dissapointed and therfore unhappy with my efforts that are being applied to my current situation concerning the time I put in and the results I am getting.

    Hope this helps

  • So really this just validates how we feel, in which we know it in our hearts.

  • affirmation: "first say" I amopen to the divine opportinities and self discovery, For my higher self and divine good please send me divine guidance. I ask because I am divien and I trust my divine self, please send me mmy dailt advice"

    Shuffle till you feel ready, cut if you want, thenn draw, as soon as you see the card what verbal response, say it out loud.....but you must make your affirmations as I explained for each card individually...

  • here is an another example of how I discern acars meaning,

    Moon; the moon reminds us of the subconscious, so intuity..if it comes up that means it has a cause to remind us of its positive aspects, our intuition, thus we know there is a cause of lack of intuition thus lack of clarity thus confusion.....

    So confusion is cause and way of advice is intuition thus truth from our higher self

  • So for moon my one word is confusion.

    4-5 words is intuity, inner voice, chaos(look at the picture in concern to caos) confusion is mental caos that effects are actions and emotions......

    So my one advice cards as I sat in my car the other day for example that I pulled during my recorded outload cousel so I can replay and hear myself was the moon......

    Ok....I was discerning a choice about going active army or reserves....i was only looking at facts based on current situation and not inner self and i was confused thus inmy car recording myself out loud talking..... inner voice...I meditate and shelve all thoughts not serving my divine self...and propse the situation in meditation.........also the gut feelings and tensions in our aalow my higher self speak through my intuition by isolating my sunconscious alone...I came to The cause of the Moon was confusion and the advice of the moon is intuition and pay attention to how your emotions arise with thought and understand which emotions are positive thus aiding you in choice......

  • Thanks - I have never heard of this before. Are you using then the Ryder-Waite Deck? The deck I usually use is a 40 yr old Aquarian deck. I have a Waite deck but it seems to have gone MIA.

    I have some decks that I collected just for the Artwork and some of them I am going to let go as I have to clear out some of my space. I have an old Crowley Thoth deck but the cards are too large for me to shuffle. They are very cool to look at though. thanks again

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