New here and open to a reading and will give one in return

  • Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and I would like to see into a reading. I find that readings involving relationships can be too emotional to do self. I would be open to giving in return. I will leave you with my question.

    Situation: 12/8/85 self and mate 9/27/85. I am open to new beginings and about to transition but there is still either emotional attachment to this man or a intuitive "knowing" I am in the is my heart thinking in balance to my head? I would like to know about the way foward with this man concerning a relationship?

    Thank you

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  • Hello,

    Thank you. I appreciate that. I give readings all eavning on my friends site and its nice to have one done for me. I will giv eyou one if you want as well.

    Take care

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  • Thank you,

    yes it is not a emotional grounded relationship currently and may not be who knows. I am at a point where I am away from this person due to its only fair to respect his needs but I too am content in self and can persevere..I have also recieved the 7 wands in my personal I believe the nect commencment I will utilize this energy along with Queen Swords energy to know the way will is working here....thank you very much.

    Take care

  • I changed my name and put a new photo up ,,,just so you know its me....Thank you again...I came on here a long time ago and wanted to come back fresh because I was recieving some very opinionated advice from a man on here and all the things he was telling me not to do and he also told me to compromise and settle...and that is what actually causes you to be unhappy with relationships and endeavors...I love how you put in parenthasis to not compromise. you gave good advise and it was objective. I am a big believer in puttin out the most ethical advise and fair.

    Again, take care...

  • Hello ethicalandREal -

    Here is what I have done for you - it is a Celtic corss. I have chosen the Queen of Rods for you as significator.

    #1. Covering you - Strength - you have come through something and you are strong enough to go forward. You have the strength to pursue whatever path is laid before you.

    #2. Crossing you - 6 of pentacles - the obstacle that prevents you from moving forward or moaking a decision as to what to do could be money or property -perhaps - shared money. Perhaps you have financial security with this person and are wary of losing it.

    #3. - crowns you - above you - the King of Swords - this could be your partner - the Libra - as the Swords represents the air sign - The King of Swords can represent a man of great mental clarity - or it can represent that you are on the verge of as spiritual break through and are able to communicate it.

    It may be that you are questioning your relationship with this man because you are looking for something more spiritually profound in a relationship. He may provide the intellectual side of the relationship you are looking for, but the spiritual side of the relationship - or for yourself - may be suffering in the relationship.

    #4.Beneath you - influences from the past upon which you may base your decision.

    The Tower a change you have had that you must come to grips with. Something has broken apart - or a change has occurred that has disrupted the status quo of your ife. However, the change sould be viewed as having ahppened for the better. Whatever happened has given you an opportunity that was not there before. Some sort of structure "fell down" - was destroyed but when it fell - a path opened up for you.

    #5, - whatis behind you - the fading past - The Queen of Cups - this one I am not sure of because I get the feeling that I could interpret it as the passing of a good relationship -

    Either the fading of your own relationship with this person - or perhaps the fading of a relationship with another person - possibly a good natured person of a waer sign - cancer or pisces perhaps. Perhaps you feel that it is best to leave your relationship whil eit is still good so that you have good memories of it - rather than having it end poorly.

    #6. The near future - The 4 of pentacles - Holding tightly onto something - usually money or

    property - but could be that you are holding on tightly to a situation or relationship because you are afraid to let go.

    Probably goes with the 6 of Pentacles as the obstacle. Is there money involved? or is it a situation where the 2 of you together can live a comfortable live, but separated you will have to cut spending to the bone and live on such a tight budget that it is very difficult to imagine separating? Perhaps the "knowing" that you are feeling is not love but dependency.

    $7.)The ten of cups. Complete contentment. Love, happiness. This is such a great card but it represents your current state of mind. Perhaps it is the state of mind you wich to be in.

    Ah - you are a Sagitarius - not one to look at reality are you?

    $8.The five of Cup in the sate of your house. You have a choice - brood over what has gone wrong (the empty cups) or choose to see what you have left and how you can make things better in the future (the cups left full)..

    Perhaps you see yourself as having lost something of your love for this person, or you feel he has lost some of his love for you. Is there enough to go on with the relationship? Or should youpick up the pieces you have left of yourself and move on and make something bigger and better out of the rest of your life. (You are relatively young - 25 - so it may be that the latter is what you are thing about doing)

    #9 Queen of Swords - what you hope for - what yo want - what you fear.

    You want to be a strong independent woman. Perhaps you have had an emotional loss. But the Queen of Swords represents a strong woman who can cope with loss and get on with her life. It may also represent a difficult experience you have gone through - but as you come through it - new cistas will open up for you

    Ahh - the choice you have to make relavant to the Five of Cups mentioned previously

    Finallyy - Car # 10 - The Knight of Rods

    This Knight is a messenger bringing good news - a change of residence - a new job - the messenger is to be trusted.

    This may be a trusted friend helping you make a decision.

    So Iam going to interpret this spread as this - you have to make a choice between a comfortable life in the material world with a person who has the intellect and the ability to earn enough with you to maintain a comfortable life - Or move on and seek out a more emotionally and spiritually fulfilling - but much less financially stable lifestyle

    Whatever choice you make - you will have the strength and metal clarity to follow the path you have chosen.

    I believe that you will either receive a message that helps you make the decision and that it will be a good message -

    It is as if you would like to leave the relationship and go on a quest - but are afraid of not having the funds or the financial means to support your needs while on the quest. Perhaps the messenger will bring you news of a grant or words from a sponsor who will promote you on your journey.

  • um NO you are very wrong never judge one becuase of a sun sign! I am so far from that! I also have plenty of money! More than enough!

    6 pentacles is alot of where to give your energy, see hoe the man holds a scale? he deciphers where he is going to share his energy, its not just money. I never go with fantacy...ever.....I have qa relationship but I stand true to what I want so I will throw away the illusiomn even when one is in one with me to seek a higher path......Please really never judge becaus eof a sun sign..I oppose that in all my endeavors........Since you considerd money, the whole reading was a bit off but the cards were pretty acurate that you pulled! Knights are movement cards as well, also an energy that can represent Kn pentacles: trust, loyal diligent, practical.....

    I am in the military and educated with a second job part time so really monet is soo far off the issue and fantacy no way that is so far off...I am going into law school soon.....

    I thank you for the time,,the cards you pulled though I can interpret them...thank you

  • Yes I am exalting strength: soft control and true patience..thast is strength, inner control what crosses me is the six of pentacles, a choice of where and who to give my energy to... how we may purposefully place ourselves in positions better suited for giving and receiving. That's why I like the mudra analogy so much. It expresses a purposeful intent to stimulate a response from our environment.

    What crowns me: King swords, yes this could represnt him but that does not mean he is not spirited, especial a king who is fair and logical, also intellectual means philisophical and spirited in theory thus possible spirit, we alll exalt many energies from tarot royal arcana, or it could be to utilize fairness and reason in my choice.

    Beneath me: Tower, oh yes that was the Hey I am going to have move for work purposes and we both share the same endeavor though but a big change....

    What is behind me is the energy of the queeen cups: yes last time we commenced I exhalted her energy with him...has nothing to do with a passing relationship>? maybe if 2 cups was there but it is one solid entity one queen her energy, what I came out of . Her energy I was in her position exalting her energy

    What is ahead: 4 pentacles- a warning to By giving openly, honestly, you're insuring your perpetual gain. what are you holding on too? could it be your desires and needs or emotions have you expresssed all of them,,,,this is a relationship question here......

    Self..yes I am currently at peace with self and now making self personal power decisions and am surrounded by family, contentness is key with this card...

    person closest to envionment via the question.5cups....could be how he feels or I ..we are distant from eachother but in realms of communication, or ues I shall move foward but with caution as well to not jump to conclusions....

    Queen swords-no not independence I have that I have been grounded since the death of parents at 15! its getting to the truth of the matter!

    Knight of pentacles is the out come: What is worth working for? Also loyaltly and honesty, that is the nature of the Knight of yes It looks as if I will get the message I need to move foward with all the answers and sides weighed so I can make a king of swords decision, fair and logical!


  • EthicalandReal, this combination is one of a kind. It is very difficult relationship for love. Although there is an undeniable tendency for one partner to assume the role of mentor in this relationship, the focus here is to acquire experience and knowledge within a certain area that can then be put to specific social, financial or artistic use. Teacher-student interactions are common with this combination, but the roles are regularly reversed. Moreover, although autonomy is important to both of you, there is no denying the benefits of your working together in equal partnership. For either person to act in a selfish or pompous fashion runs counter to the good of the relationship, since its real benefits accrue from your interactions.

    A love affair or marriage here can be quite stressful. Your partner's perfectionist tendencies may lead him to evaluate you as a trifle sloppy or negligent, while you may consider him overly tense. If the level of physical satisfaction is high, such annoyances can be forgotten, but you two should take the time to discuss problems and possible solutions rather than bounce back and forth between periods of stress and pleasure.

    Friendship here can be more fulfilling than a love relationship, though it too will have its challenges. There may be a competitive edge here that will keep you both sharp. The stubbornness, even defiance, that you two can exhibit together may frighten other people away from your company. Your partner's mental quickness and your high degree of creativity will undoubtedly collide from time to time but pure obstinancy can lead both of you to continue on rather than abandon the relationship.

  • Turtle dust please know how to read cards before you give a reading, and never judge based of some Fantacy as you used generalization Zodiac. I am born November 28th and am too a sag and I actually am a very factual person...i do math teaching!!! So far from fantacy! i love order and stability and i love my littel home town I live in not all scattered as the sag zodiac says! also need to consider a person here is not what a book says! and numerology number can oppose zodiac and also there are other things that influence as well.

    Pentacles is money no money is energy, so pentacles really referes to trusts ans energy....also the celtic spread number 7 is the persona of the person, 9 is the mind! the environment is also who is closest to the well. What is crowning does not say what is not! you do not know the man he could be a spiritual advisor..many times I see the king of Swords as the advisor of spirit becaus ehe has the logic. wisdom and fairness to so soo!

    turbo aka ethical I will give you a reading! water girl nice job!

    here is a relationship spread and the outcome of the near future again its free will here so.......turbo I can tell you have not gone to far with this guy step by step as I see your stature in yuor post...good for you!

    Page cups is how you came together: open and trusting

    what you like about him-4 cups-his apathy and going within, thinking, seeking a deeper and more spiritual meanimg...ahh good

    what he like sabout you-ah yes Temperance is the sag card-but that is about balalnce and harmony-he is a libra and they are balance!

    How things happend-the intentions-chariot-ah direct will, direction, will, control, so it was a chosen and direct act to choose out of strong will..

    About him now: WFortune-aha that discribes the tower-he is undergoing change--

    How you feel about him: Ace of swords-new mental perception and new phase in relationship, also are cutting out all and seeking to the truth of the matter claimin gyour power as you stated a willingness to let go, it seems that this person may cling and you have your wits set on what you want.

    How he feels about you: reflection, preperations, observing, insight, control..ok probably seeing how this can work under the changes...

    Outcome: Page swords-You need to appreciate and communicate ideas, information and theories. Abstract thinking can help you see the weak spots in plans and systems. at-heart adult whose relationship to you involves truthfulness, ethical behaviour, discouragement or matters of the mind. This relation needs much communication and sharring of change means new arrangemnts......Its realy your choice .......I do see you also are on the right my open reading for the " really its the right thing to take it in time in the now because you are at the state of inner peace and not needy...ya know,,..,so its coming a union with him, thats your choice but I do see it coming along on your path as it showed itself...and you know,,,in yourself...

    way ahead with this- 6 cups, ok in regars to this concern, this card mean forgivness, sharing, innocence, nastalgia, reunion.....turbo I saw you interprate that celtic I will let you take from this 6 cups....

    best to you

  • Captain, thank you..he and I are both perfectionist! I am no wher near sloppy, am actually a neat and ordered person to the bone. the first words well one of them about my appearance yes was that I was much prettier than him lol.,...yes they are into balance and simple but elegant like myself..I am not a sag I am a person...Thank you for the time. I never do zodiac reading s for these specific purposes..but a date is a wat to not open my relationship businesst oo much and give an objective to ask the tarot aka 12/8/1985....did you do a real tarot or just birthdate> cause you also need to consider nature nurture self evolvement and numnerology tooo, also experience and maturity of a persona nd spiritual development...

    Take care

    xena thank you for showing me the cards you pulled and very to the point!!!!!

  • yes, I did my own reading and did get the ace of swords in the 7th position...and the ace cups,,in my 8th this could be him or a new love coming in outcome is 3 pentacles though....we will see but I am all for getting the truth of the matter and going foward with clarity and higher it

  • Thanks for the critcism. I thought this forum was for learning and sharing. I guess not

  • turtle dust, I think xena was giving constructive critisism. No where in the cards did it show me as in a fantacy, being a sag is not who I am as holly. Those zodiacs do not hold true to people and who the really are, you made that are a in a fantacy? as you put it...So that was not fair and logical. I appreciate your time. I do..but to get better we need constructive feedback. I happen to be a very financially secure woman, I was on my own at a very young age and have put much money away in investments and also have the military foundation and a career feild and paid education, so I am far from dependent..The card emanings I feel you need to learn how to interpret more and to understand how to apply them to a question, The energy you pulled was helped me by drawing those cards. Turtle dust I did a reading and what was foremost on my mind in my reading was the Queen of swords, and she tells you to get to the truth of the matter as you pulled that tooo! you also got the tower nd yes he and I got that as well, the sudden change in career. So your energy and intention in the cards to draw them was done very well.:)


    DAILY ADVICE SPREAD-this spread can manifest in one day. really one day i recieved devil tower and then 3 swrds, this was at 6 am well swrds in timin gis generally hours to days...well it was about ten thirty when this man I came home where i was nannying and was upset because i told the wife about sexual passes he made to me...and he then attacked got was sudden, he got a call from her i was in the room and she ran up and told me you need to hurry...he came and boom tower with the devil energy yes based of what he did and yes the quarell 3 swrds..getting to the truth is also biig with the 3 swrds..whatever the truth is that discerns the future of the endeavor and the truth of his actionsc came out and his rage got worse...



    DAILY ADVICE SPREAD-this spread can manifest in one day. really one day i recieved devil tower and then 3 swrds, this was at 6 am well swrds in timin gis generally hours to days...well it was about ten thirty when this man I came home where i was nannying and was upset because i told the wife about sexual passes he made to me...and he then attacked got was sudden, he got a call from her i was in the room and she ran up and told me you need to hurry...he came and boom tower with the devil energy yes based of what he did and yes the quarell 3 swrds..getting to the truth is also biig with the 3 swrds..whatever the truth is that discerns the future of the endeavor and the truth of his actionsc came out and his rage got worse...


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  • Thanks turboxs - I would like to see how the 3 card spread works. I am also sorry that I did not write everything that I felt because I was in a hurry. I have to tell you that I did not actually "feel" that the problem was money but that was the best I could do with the information I had. I also felt that the King of Swords had something to do with a military person or an attorney (I had no idea that it could possibly be you).

    well - good luck to you. This is an interest for me. Not something I do as a "job". I am a highly skilled and highly paid medical professional and I work with a variety of cultures. I gather information from Hindu religions, Astrology, Tarot, American Indian cultures and a lot of areas because I am well aware that we do not know what we think we know. This is all just additional information. How an individual uses the information is up to them.

    As far as astrological signs. I know all too well that the Sun Sign is not the whole of the person. Nor does astrology give you the whole answer. I guess you did not find my comment funny which was how I meant it. What is reality to one is not reality to another. . Many time people may not be able to see a situation from inside themselves so sometimes it helps to have an outside person look inside your fishbowl to let you know what is happening and give you a second vision. This can be through a psychiatrist, couselor, empath, astrologer, tarot reader, psychic , priest or any manner of what people want to call themselves.

    Ultimately, unless they just want your money, they are just trying to help. Perhaps, had I known more about you or your situation and had more time, what I wrote would have been different.

    As it is it took me quite a bit of time just to put down what I did. I was trying to be helpful.

    Everyone has fantasies and dreams. If you don't, you would not move forward.

  • Water girl bless you you are divine and trutle dust you are a blossoming reader:) Turtle dust great, your own inner light was speaking and that is your true guide:) Oh I got my answer.....already we are being stationed together actually, the issue ws revolvig around work and it was a was really open to hearing how one else reads cards and give feedback....WE know we cannot have a divine realtionship if we do not move on from ones holdinjg us back from attaining the real ones that are divine.:)

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