Astrology is really bogus

  • One last thing before I leave this chat. It is never silly to step into the unkown and what you put out and believe from an experience is how you learn....I did not need the zodiac to learn a few things by coming on to this sight. I learned my style is to give people questions to test them and their belief in self. Testing, god test us...beliefs are tested. I learned that i know myself so well that I do not conform. I always stand out. I am a lilitary leader and a reiki healer. All self done and lead. i love inspiring and I use capoitals when I spek from the heart to show power in the amount I practice and believe. Excuse me for believing in me.

    I was also oen to seeing what others do for a reading" I had one person tell me because I got the 6 of pentacles that I could be holding on to a relationship becuase I was wrong.....I have been grounded with investments for many years now and in the army with my own reiki career. Wrong and not logical.

    Water girl: did a good job..she was objective and to the point.

    Captain: you also told me that my relationship is not likley in romance because of libras mind and perfectionism in which I am the same way we both are balanced on out ideals ....I have never experienced such a stimulating relatioinship in my life...water girl good job because we did commence again and I stood my position and did not compromise and the relationship is still thriving.....ironicly we are being stationed in year both of going on two years.......thank you water girl......

    I came in saw what this is..and now I made a opinion just like anyone and I stated it and now done........

    Water girl again thank you especially and xena thank you

    to all anfd your time I can appreciate that

    I hope you all end up in a divine relationship and not reliant on a book for a astro reading in your endeavors...I hope your trust in self is enough..I hope you all end up with a real career and prosper.......inner peace and stand up for what you believe even if its alone....stanf up for yourself thats might and inner peace and power:)

    Divine light!!!!

    Hans all you said to me awhile ago does oppose who I trully am..I am sorry you think compromise and settle......

    I love the military...and soon to be a law guardian in law school now fighting for the injustices to children with beglected environments.....hey my turmoil in life having no parents turned out to become my passion and contrivance..astro would have never predicited that:)

  • Dear Turboxs

    Well let's agree to differ and if you're leaving the forum, may I wish you every success in your future military career and in your fight to help neglected children . Stay safe and keep them safe won't you.. Peace, love and karma to you.

  • it's seems like you're not empowering yourself but more judging others and who are we ..(all of us) to get upset angry mad at anyone else on the road to enlightenment you may have knowelege lady but lack wisdom ...still yourselfs ...see what it is that is REALLY triggering this reaction in you and then look for the answer remember we are all at different stages of conciousness respect everyones path and stage in life some need a rosary some need astrology so need tarot but we all need compasion and understanding that we all require something to move us along to something new and that my dear is unconditional love to know that our brothers and sisters are trying to figure out who they are and where they're going and us not to get upset but lend an helping hand if we can and if we can't to send love energy their way ... 🙂

  • I do for the ones that want real help.......thats why I do it for a living now part time......thank you for stating the obvious here read this.......

    It’s when you are confused about yourself that you will accept anything. You think you are lost, looking and maybe a bit frustrated and desperate. Self Discovery has the word self in it. The title means to trust intuition and apply your logic that lies within you and no one else. You are more likely to accept anything because you are at a confused state, so any verbiage from a zodiac etc will sound good and is a quick fix with ease to put instant pleasure to the “pain”. It’s when we are not developed, aka children, do we get influenced easily and mislead. Of course any zodiac sounds great, doesn’t it but I can analogize any zodiac to me because we all contain all those characteristics to some degree. We all feel that same emotions, so we all understand and exalt the same thoughts to get those emotions we all feel; anger, rage, confusion…etc. At a weak point in self when we say, “I am lost”, “I need”, “Help”. Do not forget those words; lost, confused, need; that’s when we are vulnerable not when we claim and feel personal power. We only have a title then to look at and we really should be looking at our name but again we are off path of enlightenment clearly, so we look to what is in the media and outer world, aka zodiac and the title that fits the birth date is what and only what we seem to measure with because the title that is our birth date. We often settle due to lack of convictions as well. Now onto opposing a zodiac again: Self Discovery; (Self) + (discovery) = discover self, self discovers self, self means solo, you. Discovery is time introspection, sacrifice and patience along with trust in self and believing in self after adventures and actions, experiences, choices, current placement, what has actually remained consistent in our lives? Ah the things we preserve and persevere, thus our values as well. Things we hold worthy to our nature and things we have ability in, ah our character developing already!

  • truth hurts sometimes too. Its not anger, its passion....or else I would be swearing and no I am not judging, zodiac judges.......a sagitarian zodiac would never give me the justice as a lawyer as I am in law school or a military sargeant....or a reiki healer all at once...I have passions.....and read the above its only when one is confused do they seek to a zodiac..and they are vulnerable.....

    Peace and love excuse my ooassion those capitals was to show passion and conviction, trust me I am open I would show anger but I do not believe in anger.......or attract what you resonate.....I know you know that 🙂

  • I want to say all of you have carried kindness, so divine!!!!!!!!!!

  • well I wasn't much to believe in astrology... or divination or anything like that actually...

    but two years ago my boyfriend exploded on me and we broke up, days or even a week later I checked his horoscope and that same day that we had our discussion/argument/exchange of ideas in his horoscope they were saying something like "be careful of bystanders when you explote or something like that!!!"

    and I really wished I had read it that very same day because if I had known he was going to be so "sensitive" I would have taken all his words with a grain of salt and possibly the break up would have gone differently... with less confusion and misunderstanding...

    that same horoscope has not been accurate again...

    also last week in another horoscope it said "a meeting with a partner will be canceled" and it did happen to me as well...

    just putting out there... sometimes I think of horoscopes as "synchronism" those are messages we are suppose to "run into" or "read for whatever reason to give us some insight or guidance"

    like a sentence on an advertisement when driving etc etc and "random messages" like that are also the way the angels communicate with us sometimes...


  • yeah but doesnt that happen opften a mmeeting gets cancled ? No I do not follow horoscopes whats the point, I am cappable of knowing what going on in my life and self, ya know....better to focus energy on other things that matter


  • You seem to be very confused, Turboxs ,and very attention-seeking. You are so young yet you think you know so much. Come back and tell us what you have learned when you are 50.

  • Until I came across Turbo, I felt much the same as you did...because every Horoscope I'd ever read was so general it could mean anything to anyone.

    However...just for kicks I decided years later to try one out of the blue...and lo and behold...There does seem to be a syncrinocity to the ebb and flow, an awareness here that does not exist elsewhere in the world of Horoscopes.

    I don't rely on the Horoscope for my spirtual well being...because I believe that God through his spirit and angels see to my spiritual needs and safety.

    He has also given us gifts in men(and women) :-), and I believe that if we have our eyes of understanding open, he gives us insight through various means. Angels walk among us turbo.

    If we, however, are so into ourselves and our own truths then we will fail to understand what light is being given on our behalf.

    I wish you well..

  • Dennis is pathetic if you need to give advise from astro that the oppostit from wisdom thats just taking a topic that was created many years ago and relaying it..confusion is not a law school student and a counselor and a military soldier hello!!!! do you ever see me post and ask for help? no I am not sorry that I argue comkmon sense and logic and self discovery, SELF- discovery....stand up fro what you believe in even if alone thats not attention seeking.....light is inside and I am not seeking here I am actually really heloping some people like I do in a career...SStop lying to yourself it ok that some people do not have to rely on astrology and others for approval avlidation of what is inside their own inner light......I will not yeild.......I see pit on here alot..stop lying the threads I suck at life, I am stuck I need I need Help...desperation comes here asnd asks Confidence comes here and stands up for a belief After Dennis the bulls post hello how many ignorant on welfare, hobos and un educated and experienced elders do we have...age is nothing in terms of self discovery....keep in denial people...really...I bet my sucees is farther than yours thats why I do not ask for your advice or post desperat threads!!!!!!! good buy, I deploy in the army in three weeks so you all can live in peace !!!!!! I experience and focus with intelligence and common sense excuse my ability....

    You are now refusing common sense why look to a zodiac when your partner is in front of your is patience and perseverance as welll integrity, what integrity to you have to come on a forum and ask for an astro reading on your partner behing his/her back? what lack of self honesty when your partner is in your face in realit y but you claim to be confused...but all the confusion and ??????? seem to flock on this site...................??????

    Take care

    peace love prosper

    I will be thinking of all when I sacrifice overeas for all of america Thats clear and confident!!!

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    This came in my email I though I would share it...well too late I am already in Law school and a reiki healer and military specialist e-4 so there is a way to show how I influence other than just my career self realization!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the demeanor of my job tells about the influence!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to be a leader, disciplinarian, strong sense of confidence, unyeiding, empath, and so on so there is my persona traits..........Health well army physical fitness tells alot, reiki tells alot.....medical exames are prominant in the military I went through a three day medical exame in basic training!!!!!

    I have a loving two year reationship and have held few partners with ther is the first topic...nah do not not nead astro thank you


    Divine Justice

    You guys keep empowering me even more!!!!!!!!!!

    You never even read the affoirmations I created either I know because your judgements are unfair and unlogical but me Iam stating my belief so that is not fair that is me not a zodiac or a conformed me to gain validation and approval thus thats why I am not seeking advice from you but to shed light and spread confident energy...Liers will refuse comon sense and logic to valif=dte what they want to see ot hear.....

    Dvine truth to all" I embrace the divine truth and trust in my divine self"

    Now finnaly done...Mery christmas as Jesus has taken the hatred and sacrifices for humanity and gives but was misunderstood, therefor e he was killed and often attacked by many. He like I on here up against all for a cause CALIM YOUR WILL POWER!!!

  • One last thing..My other case in life is counselor so.....shame on anyone here who tells people what they want to hear or helps them validate their weakness.I post if you see anythin I post wuestions to ask yourself and advice is affirmations......also facts and common sense.....advice to trudt yourself and answers are within you..if you argue me you oppose that meaning you are liers and thus to yourself and do not give advice but harm....really it is serious...when people are weak minded, the words you put in their head..or the validation you give about encouragement to pursue your own self realization or acceptance of truth.? really shame onn you now because of how you oppose me believing in myself,,,I feel that I would have to be wanting validation tools and getting what I wan to hear to be ok here....I would have to be confused and in need and unaware of my spouse who is right in front of my face! to be on here really other than to do what I do now on here and fidht my caus eis caliming your will power and recognizing your own inner light..I am a that s why I stand out....

    now good by..I have enough respect to at least tell you why I am doing this...


    LEAVE in light and the energy i leave in is confident. passion and clear thought,

    may you all embrace that inside yourself

  • Turbo, you may not see this by tonights end but I read your post and understand. Also as you say about the worth of your energy..its not being worthed to the highest here other than your responses to people but no this thread, really, is it? There are many other forums that use only self meditation and true self healing, its advisors like you that offer technique on how to understand self. Like you say giving people the tools to help themselves.Those are much better. I have not posted much here as I too can see the "fog" but there are some few that are well composed. Any one who does judge you on a because you stand up is wrong as you all know that. turbo, google healing chat forums...that is more you and really is more honest and helpfull. Consider who want to really help know...I joined a few as well but thank you for keeping it real...


  • well you make sense here I am still trying to find out how to cancel this? Well If I cannot I will just log out and forget it. thank you for the idea! A more self helping still can learn by writting out though...on here but you know. I was able to give knowledge and tools to a few people in the upper I did help some people gain self confidence and ability to do for themselves:) Thank you for your recognition and respect and seeking clearly. Thank you again dvinley....

  • This post is deleted!

  • Dear Turboxs

    i have read your tarot readings and admire your gift, your comitment to self-develpment and your bravery in being in the military; these qualitiies are admirable and I salute you for them, but is it necessary to call someone in pain , like Denise, pathetic? I don't mind at all that you insult me....I am a retired teacher and used to hostilty...but I sense that you have big heart and would so like you to radiate some of the warmth in it out to those who are in need of a little friendly heat. How about it? Love and peace to you Turboxs.

  • I always read the comments made in all the discussions but I think Turboxs is now so competent and well educated and blah blah blah. Now you need to get that huge ego downsized. I always walk away enjoying the discussions but this is so not on.

  • Turboxs,

    If that is the way you really think you feel then that is your choose in life that you have the right to. But just because you did not get a reading that was what you were wanting, does not give you the right to dish on anyone else on tarot are anywhere else. You do what you think is right for you and let others do what they think is right for them. I just received a birth chart reading and all she had was my date of birth, time and place. and guess what she hit me to a tee. I HAVE NOT put on here anywhere for her to know how i felt growing up and what i went through but guess what she got it from her reading. I thank you ONLY for being in the service and helping defend our country. I also hope and pray that your young ego does not get you harmed as to you are not as smart and know everything that you seem to think you do, are WORST get someone else hurt. When you get older and wiser [if possible] you will see that you didnt know as much as you thought you did at your young age.


  • This would make more sense if a person is against all forms of mysticism but to just be down on astrology but think Tarot is more helpful is just strange. Believing that someone can heal a stranger with energy through distance requires as much a leap of faith as anything else here. None of it scientifically proven and certification programs for these types of tools are completely useless and baseless. Anybody can certify anybody - it's not regulated by any government because they still all fall under entertainment, not health, healing, counseling or whatever box someone wants to put themselves in.

    If you are in the military and going to law school (been there, done it) you should probably keep these beliefs to yourself on the job and learn to be more open minded and compassionate with those who feel otherwise. If someone here is attempting to get free help for themselves or through other people, I feel good knowing that at least they aren't running to drugs and alcohol or spending tons of money on fake healers and frauds. If a reader or adviser here feels strongly that a person should seek real help - licensed counselors, psychologists, etc . . . they don't hold their tongue about it. Better than some other sites that just try to fleece people out of money they don't have and bounce them around to their other thieving friends.

    No one has ever said that astrology, tarot, psychics, i-ching, etc. . . are 100% accurate and will forecast the future and help everyone live up to their potential. But whichever one a person chooses to practice or put some faith in is just a very small part of what they do for themselves. I've come across very few people here have given up complete control over their lives and if they do you can be sure something majorly upsetting has occurred to them to make them lose faith.

    If nobody has paid attention to your affirmations understand that just about everyone here has done them, created them. written them, spoken them. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. People already know about Law of Attraction and Positive Intention or even Casting Spells or Praying. This is nothing new. People gravitate to what works best for them in a given situation that gives them the confidence they need to make decisions in life. Yes some people here are desperate and feel week and unsure but that's why they are here - to get their lives back. It takes time esp. when they've discovered that the decisions they thought they made were done with full understanding and with the belief that nothing would go wrong or at least so wrong that they would feel so utterly helpless. It happens. Bad things happen to good people. Good people may make bad decisions. The important thing is that they learn to cope and find something that gives them the strength to forge ahead and make dreams a reality. People come to their realizations at different points in their lives - most have epiphanies every few years. There is no one here who is completely "whole" and "balanced." That is the purpose of life - to find your balance and how to achieve it. Very few actually keep it. But then you know all this already.

    Good luck.

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