Lost wedding ring

  • I am going to give this a try because I believe I will get some advice that will get me looking in the right spot. It has been awhile since I misplaced my ring and upon looking for it I will find other jewelry of mine that I have laying around. But to my dismay I have not found my wedding ring. I believe it to be in my house or car but I haven't found it around here so I'm starting to think it may have ended up elsewhere accidentally. I feel guilty and I think my ex husband believes I did it on purpose. Please help so I can have some peace of mind (something I haven't had in awhile). Thank you...

  • Dear SexxiScorpio,

    Look in your purse, as I fell like it may be in your purse. If not there, than it may have slipped off your finger while you were shopping and loading bags into the car. Do you have a SUV? If so look in the very back of it also.

    These are the impressions I received about your ring.


  • Well I have a task before me because I have more than one purse. And I wouldn't be surprised if I found it in one of them. Funny thing about the shopping bags, the day I posted my messeage I was also looking for my debit card (which was in a shopping bag). I do have a SUV and I will be sure to look through it later today. Thank you so much for your insight and I will let you know if I come up with anything.

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