Virgo and Pisces help?

  • I'll begin with saying this...

    I have never really been into Astrology. I must admit... I sort of doubted it. Not in an attempt to be purposefully ignorant; I just never have had too much reason or drive to learn about it.

    I don't believe I am doing any of this out of desperation. It just sort of hit me to, well, try and see if Astrology offers any answers. I haven't any clue why my mind went to this way, but it did. It's worth a shot anyway. And I must admit, I am rather shocked by some of the common characteristics that Virgo's posess, I actually do possess myself...

    I'll try to keep this fairly simple; I hope one of you will be able to make sense of it...

    My best friend is a Pisces. I've always sort of had feelings for her; we discussed this when we first really became friends, and she said she didn't have any, so, I decided not to tell her... I revealed them to her last year as well, but it didn't do anything but pine & languish our friendship for a couple of months.

    From reading about them, I'd say she is definitely a Pisces. And I've learned that we are oppisotes, in a few ways similar, but tend to counter-balance the other out.

    We're fairly close; she always used to talk to me about her problems, but not as much anymore... I've always been there for her, no matter what, and have several times now, completely dropped what I was doing to go aid her. I have even always been there for her, when she has forgotten about our friendship, and neglected it. We also always tease and fight, and everyone, I mean EVERYONE thinks we're a couple... That's only rubbing salt in my wounds and is another topic, but still, it stings.

    At times, it is SO obvious that we could be together. It's so obvious, it's easily passed over and goes un-noticed by her... And I can't help but have thoughts along those lines; I even have dreams about it...

    I guess my question could be phrased in several varying ways... Why can't we be together? Why can't she see me in that light? What aspects of our lines of thought and/or feelings just aren't connecting? What could potentially not be alligning for us to BOTH feel something? I don't think it has to do with physical attraction... We are both attractive people. I am just completely bewildered as to what the EXACT reason(s) is/are.

    I mean, I am not trying to be with her (I wouldn't mind though.) I am just trying to atleast figure WHY we aren't.

    That would make this much easier for me. Because it isn't right to become bitter or angry with her, if she has never even felt anything for me; it wouldn't be right to just stop being her friend & being there for her... So, yeah. I hope this made sense to someone.

    Thank you~

  • Can you give the exact birthdates of you both here? Sunsigns alone are not the most exact compatibility information.

    But if she doesn't return your love, perhaps you are indeed only meant to be friends. Would this ever be enough for you or are you torturing yourself by being around her and stopping yourself from finding real love elsewhere? Just because one person feels the love, it doesn't mean that the other ever will. You can't make someone love you.

  • That's what I was saying. I am not trying to make her feel the same way... I just atleast want to know WHY. You know?

    Nah, I'm not just standing by her and torturing myself... I talk to other girls & such. I just feel so much for her & it always gets overwhelming at times... There's no real catharsis for me to feel better either.

    She was born on the 12th of March. I was born on the 22nd of September.

  • Your meeting can often seem like a miraulous twist of fate and it is common for someone in this combination to have a conviction that the relationship was meant to be. Over time however, this belief in a fortuitious coming together may be the only thing that sustains the relationship. In fact, it is common for this particular astrological combination to discover that what they had was a romantic and imaginative fantasy based on emotion, and that they are really not that well suited to each other after all or else they simply grow apart as the years spin by. Either way, it's rare for people like you two to stay together. You both tend to prefer to allow things to happen, rather than making them happen. In fact, you probably believe that making things happen isn't really possible and that life is just fate or chance. But real magic takes work, not imagination.

    So the explanation you were looking for as to why it didn't work was that it was more fantasy than reality. Perhaps you saw in your friend only what you wanted to see and believe?

  • Perhaps. Thank you for the explanation. I feel sort of silly turning to this for help... But it's been informative. As well as what you just said.

    I suppose I can just see us as functioning well; despite they're being certain fundamental differences, I actually already noticed them before reading anything on Astrology & how we counter-balance eachother, even just as friends.

    We're also suprisingly similar in some ways... I'm more introverted and she's fairly extroverted, but we're both involved in Theatre. So, at times I'm extroverted. I don't know... Maybe it's the similar ways that have made things this way?

  • Perhaps you are just looking for in someone else the things you lack in yourself eg. extroversion?

  • Hi FortySix2,

    I'm a female Pisces experiencing a similar dilemma with a Virgo guy. We've never dated, just always been close friends. My situation seems to be a bit more complicated than yours, so I won't go into detail, but I'll give you my perspective just in case it helps.

    We are very comfortable with each other and seem to balance each other out fairly nicely. My feelings for him are always lingering, but I haven't brought them up. I don't want to risk the amazing friendship we have, plus I don't want to be rejected. I feel like he's always waiting for me to make a move, but at the same time, I'm waiting for him to make one as well. He sees/ talks to other girls which leads me to believe that he doesn't have feelings for me. But at the same time, we could be so good together, so I don't know how he can't see it.

    Unfortunately, the Captain's explanations seem to fit for me. I think I tend to see him in a very romanticized light... I see what I want to see, not what's actually there. But this is something I've been aware of and I still can't seem to stay away ha.

    My advice for you is to tell her how you feel. Maybe she's thinking the same thing and is just too scared to say it. And if she doesn't feel the same way, at least you have closure and can move on. Isn't it funny that when you try to give someone else advice, you always end up telling yourself what you need to do? haha

    I'm not sure if I was any help, but I'd be happy to talk more.

    Good luck 🙂

  • I'm a Virgo, too but I don't really know that many Pisceans. I can say that there are many types of relationships and just because you get along doesn't necessarily mean you will get along in a long term, day to day way.

    For example I know this (married!) Aries woman. I'm really attracted to her but not just in a sexual way or romantic way, I just like her. I feel very comfortable around her. I ran our charts together and although we have a strong emotional and intuitive understading of each other. Also we are indeed drawn to one another there are many other areas where we are not compatible. For example our report says it is likely to be a love hate type relationship.

    So you have to remember there are always aspects between people that nurture good feelings while other aspects can stop any potential relationship because those negative aspects will conflict (and not all negative aspects can ruin a relationship) with the good ones.

    I wish you (and everyone else in this situation!) the best

  • i am a pisces and i am dating a scorpio do u think that we is meant to be

  • Tekira, please start your own personal thread if you have a question you want answered. This thread is for FortySix2's problem.

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