Reading please... Gemini woman, Scorpio man. Need insight.

  • I'm not sure what the draw of the wonderfully amorous scorpio male is to me (and vice versa)... but, here I am again dating one. I've had enough experience with Scorpio men to understand them... and enjoy them. The insight I'm looking for is in that the man I'm currently dating is much younger (13 years my junior). I'm in my 40's, he's in his 30's. All has been going along fine until an older (male) friend of mine told me that he couldn't understand how we could have relationship of any depth and that we must be in it for 'one thing'. It's messing with my head today. All was going along fine. Should I heed this caution, or continue down the path to getting to know the one who has my attention at present? Some insight would be most appreciated.


  • Your older friend is a bit old-fashioned and rigid in his thinking (and maybe a little jealous of either you or you having a younger lover?). Age is not important - just compatibility. Listen only to your intuition - not what other people or society tells you is 'right'. If you and your younger lover are totally happy, then that's all that matters. But if it is you who are having the doubts - and they are not put in your head by anyone else - then you must discuss your fears with your lover and then together decide what to do for the best for both of you. Honesty and open communication is key here. Don't let your doubts and fears gnaw away at you - get them out in the open and see what your lover thinks. He has a right to equal participation in the relationship and that includes sharing your worries with him.

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