Can you stand another "love life" reading?

  • This is to anyone who picks up on some energy here, and very much appreciated. I have two men around me, one is initial M, and one is initial E. The fling with M is over, and I know he's moved on, but he kind of wants to remain in the picture, so I am wondering if this is completely over or if we will pick up again sometime in the future. E is someone I dated three years ago, and did not really treat me very respectfully, though he is not a bad person. He is just bad at relationships I believe. I have sent him much love and healing at different times over the three years, because I did genuinely like him and want the best for him. He is coming around again, but I think it's b/c he knows I'm available.

    Does anyone see me with either of these two, and if it's E, is he going to be different? Or do you see me with someone totally different? I'm talking happiness here, not with them and miserable. lol

    Thanks so much to any or all....blessings!

  • These are both very selfish men and neither of them sees much need to change since they can usually get what they want without changing. You can and will do much better once you start thinking you deserve better. Lift your self-esteem and self-love and your romantic chances will improve as well.

  • Thanks Captain. 🙂

  • Hi saje,

    You are a giver and both of these men have taken from you without returning the favour. They won't change whilever they are permitted to continue with their childish, and - as the Captain says above - selfish ways. You deserve much better and don't need to be pulled down by being with either of these men, as if you do re-kindle a relationship with either of them, I see you constantly asking "will he? won't he?" This you don't need.

    Leave well enough alone with these men if you can, as hard as that might be. You've sent a healing to one of them, but again, what have you received in return? Remember, the universe doesn't expect someone as giving as you to go constantly without, so for the time being, try to nurture yourself and your own needs and let these men sort their issues out without your constantly unconditional and dependable help.

    Take care of you!

    I hope this helps




  • Chris1962 thank you! You are right, if I rekindled something with either one of them I'd be constantly questioning. And I think both you and the Captain are right, they're not gonna change. But your comment about the universe not expecting someone to keep giving and not receive, really hit home. (Brought tears to my eyes if I may be honest). Thanks for that.....I needed it!


    Saje 🙂

  • Glad to be of help to you saje 🙂

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