Can anyone tell me if this is my dog soul

  • my dog 16 years old pomeranian was suddenly feeling very sick about a month ago, so i immediately took her to vet then she was dignosed kidney failure and I was ask by the vet to put her down, but i took her home and i nursed her every hour then after one week later she was better, but then i guess situation got worst sufddenly one night howl three times twice at first i didn’t realise the sound was from her, then the second time i realized it was her, so i immediately comfort, we slept together the whole night then in the morning she woke up wanted to get up, i thought she may want to go to toilet so i helped her but at the end she didn’t instead i gave her some water after few hours later she wanted to get up, so again i helped her to go to toilet, then she did…after i praised her then she howl once and she muble a bit then she pass away in my arm.

    several days ago there was suddenly a white grasshopper appear on my pillow and now the grasshopper still here but now is on the top of a flower in living room.

  • No it is a comfort angel, sent to remind you that all souls live forever and that love never dies.

  • To add to what The Captain has said here, your dog sent this comfort angel to you. The grasshopper is showing you the freedom your dog is now feeling in the other realm. I feel your dog will come back in time as another pet and you will recognise her soul, even though it may not be a dog, but rather something that turns up on your doorstep, so to speak; in other words, a stray, or given to you by someone else.

    May I offer you comfort for this loss? It's not easy to lose a pet as sympathy is not always offered as freely for the loss of an animal as it is for a human who has died. I look at my own dog and cat who are both 11 and wonder how much longer they'll be with me ...

    Take care


  • Many thanks for your helpful reply, indeed love never dies.

  • Many thanks for your additional information, I am very glad to know,

    Thank you

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