Does this cancer guy not like me anymore?

  • OK so i'm a cancer and the guy i talk to is a cancer (july 22, and the 16th). We've been talking for about 3 months now my cousin got us talking and its been going good. up until a couple weeks ago after we met for the first time...we just stopped talking. Before we met we would be on the phone for hours and he would just tell me everything and i'd just listen and i'd tell him things too.

    OK so the day we met when he saw me he gave me a hug and asked me if i looked alright. I also noticed he was smiling alot the whole time we were together, He told me i had pretty eyes, he had his arm around me the whole time, and he looked me in my eyes, and we talked ALOT. So he was about to leave and i asked him playfully for a kiss and he said "im not ready for that yet" and so i just said i understood when i really didnt. Maybe it was too soon for me to ask for a kiss...idk?? but after that we just walked back to his ride and he gave me another hug and as i was walking away he was watching me and smiling,

    So since then we havent been talking much and idk i texted him the other week and asked him why he stopped talking to and was it because i didnt look like he expected me too and he said no, i thought thats how you felt towards me. and i told him no to reassure him i didnt think he was ugly. We havent been talking alot since then he sometimes i text him and he texts back really fast, sometimes not at all and sometimes he initiates conversation with me.....IM CONFUSED!!

    Why is he acting like this does he not like me anymore or anm i worrying too!

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  • This post is deleted!

  • my cancer ex did the same thing made me believe I was his sweetheart, introduced me to his family and children early on (would get a'ngry when I said I wasn't ready to meet them) he pushed me into being serious, he said 'I love you very soon and got upset when I didn't say it back, I had to search within myself and finally when I trusted enough (3 weeks after he said it to me) I said I love you. And I said it often and showed him in my actions and he then backed off and then poof, he said goodbye. this was in Aug. I am still crushed.

  • Mardepp, I hope you are right. I hope my guy realizes it soon and apologizes for his part and comes running back to me.

  • I posted my story on another thread, and my cancer ex did exactly the same Kmuse. I hope mine comeback too

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  • My cancer just stopped talking to me. Go figure. Fickle crabs.

  • The cancer guy I was with disappeared last august, no word from him, just found out he has a girlfriend in another state where he works, I think he had her all the time he was with me.

    I just picked up a great book yesterday, please read it if you can, its called WHAT SMART WOMEN KNOW by STEVEN CARTER AND JULIA SOKOL.

    They write, THIS IS A FACT..........If a man disappears on you, the only appropriate reaction is relief that you were saved from getting more involved with a total creep!

    They give other reasons why men disappear and it makes so much sense.

  • Pisces, you have it SO right. Men who disappear aren't worth valuable time of good women. Amen, sister.

  • I don't handle "Elusive and Evasiveness" to well, not my style of relationship.

    Quote from book;

    The man who vanishes into thin air is a magician.

    First he makes you feel like your floating on air......

    then he does the old disappearing trick.

    If he reappears, he'll probably try to saw you in half.....

    then like Houdini, he'll disappear again.

    Lovesicksag, hope you doing okay, its not an easy thing to go through.

    Take care

  • At least when your guys come back you can either get some closure or teach them ,( which may take years) how to live life differently. I wonder if cancer's wonder why their relationships never last?

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