Welcome Salems Giles

  • I'm so glad that you have come here to join the lightworkers. I look forward to reading any of your gifts that you give to one and all that come here to receive them.


  • Hello Shuabby,

    Hope you well. Yes it is me again;-) Yolanda. Was reading this and curius? Who is Salems Giles? And wil gladly receive a gift comming from you.

    By the way we had a little misfortune with Markus as most of the stiches came loose and the doc had to remove them (a little to early he said and a bit concerned) but have to take him back on the 24th Nov and then he will decide what to do regarding. Unfortuantly I had bad news about my other son as well but another problem to solve and working on it.

    How is your friend by the way hope she is doing well. Blessings to her.

    Keep well and God Bless

  • Hello Cappies,

    So good to hear from you dear heart. Salem Giles is a new reader to this site and Iam sure he will do well here.

    God Bless Markus as he sure has had a rough journey to walk, so glad you were chosen to be his Mother, I know he is too. I believe the doctor may be most concerned about infection and perhaps if the tissue is strong enough to hold where strength is needed. I will pray for Markus and please let me know the report when you receive it from the doctor.

    Your other son is also a strong hearted young man with a few little rough patches he needs to work on to make his life run smoother, with your loving touch and wonderful advice he will make it through anything that is put in his pathway. He will come through this is what I hear to give to you. In the meantime spirit says to tell YOU to relax and make some of your favorite tea that you like to drink and that your angels surround you when you sleep to help refresh you for the new day, and give you the strength and words to speak that are needed to help one and all in your life journeys. I wish you and yours the very best always Cappies.

    I am here is you need me my friend.


  • Hello Shuabby, Always happy to hear from you too! Yes shame I sure feel sorry for Markus but try NOT to show it tooooo much as I do not want him to feel sorry for himself. I feel self pity brings you down as I am sometimes my own enemy where that is concerned! Will sure let you know about what happens - I wish I can carry this eye in a little glass cage and look after it myself as I feel Markus is just not doing enough to look after it!! But FATHER TIME will tell?

    Yes as for my other son Wayne ( I am desperately looking for a wife for him! -LOL-DOB 2/9/74 ) 2 weeks ago I put my foot down as I found out how bad his problem really is (this is now the 4th time we are helping him but this time we got 'professional' help. He is a compulsive gambler and has been using cocain apparently for the last 4 years! I feel so hurt, but we have booked him into rehab for 6 weeks now and he is there for a week now and already looking better. I just hope that after this now he will follow the right path as I told him THIS IS NOW HIS LAST CHANCE! You sometimes have to be cruel to be kind and that is NOT ME I hate being like that. Only God will know what He is planning for me, so all I do is pray for insight all the time.

    Anyway it is now 10 past midnight, and just had a cup of tea (see I do listen;-) ) and I am going to bed now so sweet dreams to you to and THANK YOU for always taking the time to help us souls and chatting to us in your free time! You are wonderfull!!!!

    God Bless and I see everybody says Happy Thanks Giving? We dont have that here but yes so HAPPY THANKS GIVING and GOD BLESS


  • Dear Cappies,

    In regard to Wayne , he is a good hearted man just has allowed himself to be blinded by disire to achive something for an easy turn of the hand, he will have to have futher treatment after the six weeks program, a sponser is a person that is with them to keep them stright, and it should not be family. He needs a complete break of habits (he has to want to) and redefining his life. He does have a talent with his hands , with crafting and fixing things that are broken. He needs to more away ( sorry ) from his environment and start again elsewhere. A wife would really suffer with him at this point of his life, he will marry but not for a yr or two after he has changed and walks another pathway, He will have a weakness for easy ways to make money so his moral codes will have to change also. I feel water Ocean with him and a ship that will take him to another area to live. He will keep in touch with you as he does love you, he is a free spirit Yolanda and they have to have change and no rules if possible so they need to have a business of their own, in which he will have in the future.

    God Bless


  • Dear Shuabby,

    Yes he is toooo good hearted my son!! And you right, my ex was also a gambler and also lost everything and 1 of the reasons we not together. He wants to change, and believe now that the Father above has given him this live to look after it and that he is made for (his words) better and bigger things. And yes again, he needs to move away (not a bad middle class suburb we live in?) but to close to where he can get to the friends he was hanging around with, about half hour drive away on highway. As for a wife, just a joke around the family that I always telling him i am looking for a wife for him as everybody tells me I spoil my boys thats why they wont leave home!;-) He was on his own but thats where the problems started with all the friends just hanging around AND HE WAS DOING SO WELL, but then?, thats why he moved back home. But yes I am going to be a little more strict with my boys from now on.

    Hope to talk to you soon again, all I talk about is my problems hey? Hope you are also well and wish I could maybe of help to you someday?

    Go well

    Gold Bless


  • Shuabby he's been away from computer access for a bit but should be signing in soon. He's anxious to touch base with you.

  • hello Shuabby, sory it took so long to get to you. there is a lot going on in my life lately. i am intrested to see how people react to me on this site. to give you a little history on myself . i am a direct descendant of the ever so popular giles and martha corey of salem in 1692 however i think our family gifts start from much further back in history. i am not one who just sences beings i see and interact with them. it is much easier to deal with other peoples friends [for lack of better words] than my own. i am fairly good with o.b.es, astral projection, and understanding what the others want. on another note the cloaked one that likes to follow me are several. some i feel are warnings and others are waiting. i just wish i could disearn weather or not for me or those close to me. can you help me learn how? please excuse my spelling. im not very good at it. how ever i can get my point across. if you know anyone who may need my help send them my way. ill do my best. hope your holidays were full of family and joy. god bless. look forward to hearing from you.

  • Hello SalemsGiles,

    I read your post with great interest. This is a wonderful place where a lot of healing and "psychotherapy" goes on 🙂 For the most part it is positive and helpful. There are many good people here who help us by sharing their gifts and Shuabby is one of them. She has helped me quite a bit this year 🙂

    In your post to her you write " If you know anyone who may need my help send them my way"

    I would like to take you up on this, if I may...

    My question: What is a head for me in regards to finances and of course love...

    My DOB is 12/27

    Thank you, so much !

    December Girl

    PS. I have read about Giles Corey and want to say that he was a man of honor and conviction and I feel honored to be communicating with a direct descendant of his.

  • Dear SalemGiles,

    I hope I was not to presumptuous in asking for a reading...

    You state that you have a lot going on in your life and I respect that. But, it you find some time I would be honored to receive a reading from you. If this offer is no longer available, I understand that too.

    Thank You,

    December Girl

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