• You know - I think it is true to a certain extent. I like to think that if you do good things for someone, it will come back to you. But there is a caveat in that there are "giving" people and "taking" people. A giver can give so much to a taker and never get the return from the taker.

    Bt I still like to think that if you do good things, good things will come back to you. If you do bad, bad things will come back.

    My one famous example: I had a boyfriend in high school who was fairly conceited. I did a lot for him as far as trying to help him out - he was highly intelligent but a huge underachiever. He dropped me in an extremely rude manner, for a girl whose parents were very wealthy. One night I and a friend drove out to his house. They lived on a acreage where the house was down a long driveway with rows of trees (Think 12 OAKS in Gone W/the Wind). We TP'd all the trees in the driveway with like probably 24 rolls of TP. That night it rained. HIs dad made him clean it up.

    Last summer I came out of my house to find my 50 foot pine tree and ALL the trees in my back yard covered with TP. (Neighbor kids being mean to my 15 yr old daughter) I had to laugh.

    It came back to me. I knew it would eventually - AND it did. (they did it again this past Halloween). That is Karma. I had it coming and it did come back. I suspect that the mean boyfriend got a taste of his own medicine down the road as well.

  • I think it does come back around too, and sometimes you 'get it' like turtledust did, and sometimes it's not so obvious. My ex is not a good person. He has burned bridges to every friend he's ever had and most of his family. He has treated his children pretty poorly too over the years. I think he's in general a miserable person and just not happy. His inability to be happy or have things go smoothly for any reasonable amount of time, in my mind, is his karma.

  • thank you for your replys!!!!! i always wonder about this!!!!

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