The reason I feel every man is lying and not a fit for me

  • I have no idea what i'm supposed to have in life as far as career, men, friennds ,and wherre i'm to live

  • Noone knows the answers to all of these just need to live the best you can one day at a time, surround yourself with the right people and try to live your life in Truth, then you will feel good about yourself and attract the right people!

  • Trust you "gut" feelings and you will never go wrong. I believe "God" speaks to us this way, and many other ways. The path and the truth is all around you, open you eyes, ears and heart and you will follow the path that is at your feet. See, Listen, Feel......Trust.

  • Hello. I would ask you to begin by looking into your past, to what you enjoyed most as a child. For me it was writing, creating, ideas. Visualize yourself as early in your life as you can; bring back your memories to your conscious mind. I bet you will find an insight, idea, or vision that sparks your passion. Often, that memory is the first link releasing a chain of events that will guide you to your life's work. Be sure to notice what comes to you in life after you've done this; it is Divinely guided information, so make good use of it, even if it feels strange or polar to your nature.

    I'm sure the initial idea of "light" without a candle flame was very strange to most people, too. : )

    So trust what you receive!

    Blessings, Ahliyah

  • honestly i feel the same way and I cant escape it except it is just everyother man other than my soul mate of whom Ive know 4 years and we have been friends I hardly ever see him it seems like our love relationship is always short and spurratic but it always rebirths like a pheonix out of the ashes its very difficult for me its intense when it is but its impossible when it isnt and I am tied to him so whenever I try to be with someone els it never works


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