Help with 5-card reading

  • Good morning! I am still studying/learning/tapping into my reading abilities and was hoping to get some insight with today's 5-card reading. The cards I pulled in order are:

    Ace of Cups, Two of Swords, Death, Six of Swords, The World

    Any input? Thoughts? Insights?


  • It looks like a fortunate event or romantic meeting may be headed your way but there is something holding you back. There is some old psychic debris that must be removed... the death card usually indicates the end of something and there will be mental challenges ahead of you which may be difficult but you will achieve your aims and goals. Being honest in all matters and leave negativity behind you.

  • Wow! Thanks... amazing. Was both fortunate and romantic. Negativity - such a tough one to leave behind - but needed, just the same!

    Thank you so much!

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