Shuabby wants to know-Will This Move Happen?

  • My husband has an interview coming up on Nov 29th in Indiana which is my home state. I would like to know if this interview will lead to a wanted job offer and relocation?He is an engineer.

    Thank one and all for your input with this question.


  • I feel it will definitely do so, but maybe not quite in the exact expected way.

  • I feel he may be asked to take on more responsibility and work. It will mean more stress though.

  • Hi Captain,

    Thanks for your input here. Unexpected way than? UMMM Do you do astrology? If so my husband birthdate is 4-17-52. What does this new year bring to him?

    Thanks again,


  • Hello Captain,

    I read that you feel it will mean more stress and hard work. He is looking for a job with less stress as he is not afraid of hard work. I will keep you posted on the outcome. I respect your answer and will keep you posted on the outcome.

    Happy Thanksgiving to You and Yours.

  • According to your husband's numerology, he is in a 6 personal year at the moment - it's all about responsibility to others, relationships, and looking after family. This is a year of progress - financial growth and the likelihood of major career opportunities may present themselves to him. He is likely to find his relationships with those near and dear to him growing ever closer and stronger this year, while any relationship that is no longer of mutual benefit will come under the microscope and may actually terminate.

    In 2011, he will shift into a 7 personal year, meaning a time of retreat and introspection. A 7 tends to be a period of some pause and reflection between very active years. This year should provide him with some time for gaining some more understanding of himself, and he may be apt to spend a good bit of time in contemplation. It will be good for him to spend time alone or in quiet activities, as free from outside responsibilities as possible. He should try to get away from business pressures as often as he can. This is a good year to reflect on the past and plan for the future. This will tend to be a year of waiting and development, a time to analyze thoughts and actions, and pursue studies of an intellectual or metaphysical nature that interest him.

  • Hello Captain,

    I certainly hope that before December end that he does get that major career change that he longs for, than in 2011 when in the 7 he can kick back a bit and relax. Thanks for your time . You sure do shine with your answers. I am a poet, really Iam . lol


  • Yes I can feel your husband really needs a long stress-free break.

  • Hello Captain,

    First of all I want to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    I see a puppy around you. Maybe coming into your life in this new year. Of course if you don't want the puppy than you don't accept it through your free will choice.

    Readers do their best with the gifts that they are given. Your out look that a person has to start at ground zero and begin to know how to cope with what is going on around them and if they do not know how to build their own life happenings and stories than that makes them weak and depending upon others to fullfill them. I personally thank God I have been weak at times in my life because it brought forth people that helped me to find my footing again and even love.. Many a life's lesson is learned when things happen in people lives that they have no control over. Not everyone has a strong family to help them or a great education to fall back on. These are major blind spots for those that have lost their way. If I can help one person whom soul is hurting find peace and have hope for a better tommorow than I feel that I am fullfilling what God has gifted me to do. Jesus walked among the lephers to heal them and he also healed the uneducated and strong alike.

    I know that people get adicted to a psychic reading and let it become their only hope. I know that they will begin to understand that this is not the only way they can help themselves is to set back after a reading and let it happen so to speak for them. I have expressed in some of my readings that I would not base your life on a reading, they must leave room for God to work in their lives also along with their own destiny.

    My husband has another interview in TX on Jan 10th with the same company he went to before, only a diffrent group. We are holding postive thoughts for this to happen and I always send up prayer and ask if this is meant to be , than we are open to and looking forward to this move. If not than we will accept it and keep moving forward.

    I have enjoyed giving readings and advice here on this forum and I have learned some from reading your answers to people also, that life is there for their making . Either they make it happy or through their own ill will they make it a stuck , depressive, noting to look foward to experience. It is up to them to make life what they want it to be.

    Warm Wishes


  • Anderson, Indiana, by chance? Cat in the moon

  • Shuabby, you misunderstood me. I didn't mean we shouldn't give psychic help to people, just that the type of help needs to be more instructive than just handing out predictions. That's like giving someone a destination but no map of how to get there. but that's just my take on it - every reader must find the way that suits them best.

    No sign of a puppy and I have no room for one, anyway. Puls I have always been more into cats.

  • what, kind, of cats? Cat in the Moon

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