• Captain can you please give me a reading DOB 5/5 time 2:27am

  • Redbone, your marriage would never have been a traditional one, even if you desperately wanted the perfect home and family life. The man you chose to be your husband is a free spirit and not overly given to commitment or responsibility. His wild ways were probably very attractive and exciting to you at first but what you really need is someone who is devoted and stable, something your husband is not. As time goes by, you will have less and less patience for his addictions and undignified behaviour. You made a choice to go for someone very unlike yourself when really you need someone more dependable and solid. See it as a lesson for next time and don't make the same mistake again. And if he does try to worm his way back, it's up to you to turn him firmly away unless you want to keep on repeating your original mistake.

    But I feel a gun-shy wariness in you that will prevent anyone new getting close to you unless you deal with it. I think you have a fear of change too - better the bad old partner you know than a new unpredictable one. You have to learn to trust again if you want to meet anyone compatible. Mistrusting everyone who gets near you will only chase them away. So your future love life and happiness is all up to you. Do you open your arms to new people or do you keep your arms tightly wrapped around yourself for fear of getting hurt? It's only by taking a sensible risk (that is, knowing what you want and being able to tell the right sort of partner for you) that you will find any new companionship.

    If you give me your birthyear, I can tell more about your future financial prospects and any blocks that might be holding you back from attaining happiness.

  • Year 1962

  • Captain could you please tell me what I can do to begin my healing process?

  • Redbone, your natural tendency to be a 'mover and shaker' will be a great asset in overcoming some of your more languid inclinations. You no doubt have a flair for imparting your ideas and views and a self-confidence that will be important too. If you nurture your natural inclination to side with the underdog, stand up for what you truly believe, and take care not to get caught up in a need to be popular, you can do very well on this lifepath. But you must learn to stand by a point of view rather than endlessly discussing its merits or flaws. Your more demanding and self-aggrandizing qualities may offer you their share of pitfalls but, if you keep in mind that challenge can always serve as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement, all will be well. The development if a more cohesive identity and valuing the people in your life can ensure your path is travelled swiftly and gracefully.

    It can be one of the huge ironies of life that you may have preferred to have a career rather than commit to a family and yet you ended up with a family you didn't really want. You struggle to get validation and recognition from others but it can come at a very high price indeed. Even though you are a good solid Taurean, you just can't resist a little exciting scandal or unsavoury characters. Your upbringing was rather chaotic so it's no wonder you are used to dramas. If you are constantly climbing into unpredictable and possibly dangerous situations without first considering the consequences, however, you will always risk being caught in an avalanche. You want to be more than just somebody's mom or wife, don;t you? You see your role in life as more important, grander than just picking up your child from school or painting the kitchen cupboards - that kind of normalcy makes you shudder. You want to make a difference. But the one ingredient that will give your life meaning - love itself - threatens you because it will force you into an intimate setting where you will have to admit the need for comfort, support and emotional security. You fear that love will trap you and keep you from a more independent life in the world where you can be recognised for your achievements. Deep down though, all you really want is to receive love.

    Do you know that you probably have healing hands - most people with your profile do? You'd make a great masseuse or therapist or healer. Yet you are a born leader and have an innate drive for authority. Your powerful creativity is unfortunately accompanied by some equally powerful insecurities (passive-aggressive tendencies and negative beliefs about money and authority) which, when amplified by mixed feelings about other people's power and a tendency to disown your own power, create challenges and hurdles for you to overcome. As a result of these insecurities, you may feel you need someone to lean on and take care of you. This couldn't be further from the truth. In the long run, your greatest satisfaction may come from being self-sufficient and taking control of your own life, instead of trying to control and manipulate others emotionally or mentally. You may think you are content to simply be the power behind the throne when you are really meant to be the queen. When you can stand up and state honestly and directly what you want, then you can heal yourself and your relationships. You will then be the gifted inspiring person you were born to be and you can share your gifts and energy to lead and uplift others.

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