Can someone help me?

  • Hi all,

    I am currently in a fix. I met this guy like 2.5 months back.It was a kind of long distance relationship and we are some 400 KM away. For the first 2 weeks, we have clicked very well emotionally and we are really into each other then, doing chats, videos, and I would travel over just to meet him. We clicked emotionally and the sexual component is just terrific.

    However, after the 2 weeks, he got his masters, family and work problems and did not have the time to entertain me per say. He has other priorities in life and started to reduce all the communications to me. and 2 weeks ago when I was on a holiday, he broke off with me saying that I was irritating as persistent and however, I met with an horrific accident. fortunately nothing serious injuries sustained and 3 person came to my mind, my parents and him. I guess he really meant a lot in my life.

    Previously, he tried to break up with me twice, using the soft methods, by emailing and calling and saying that he did not have the time to fulfil my desires and not ready to be in a relationship now since he has no time for it and a LDR would not sustain. He previously said that to wait 1 year after his studies is finished and we would see how to proceed from there and there is a possibility that he would move here. He finally ended all communications with me when I was on a holiday. I was totally heartbroken.

    I felt that he is sincere and he is the one for me, but yet, I do not know what is happening now and what he is trying to do. Could anyone do a reading for me to see if there is totally hopeless between us, we would not be able to meet again much less be a couple ion the future, or I should totally give up and move on in life. Note that Iam really in love in him and would wait if the fate and destiny is in favour. Hence now I am in misery everyday and do not know what to do.

    Hence I am asking if I should wait for the time to be right and he would move over and we can be together or I should totally drop everything and move on and forget about him totally? I have commited a lot into the relationship, be it time, money and effort and he seemed to be sitting on the fence all the time and not knowing what to do. Is there a future for us?

    Can anyone help me do a psychic reading to see how I should move forward or is there any future for us at all? Thanks.

  • I know by logical deduction and based on the situation, I am at a losing end and is just pure stupidity to cling on to this. Is there anyone able to do a psychic reading or tarot reading to help me in this? Thanks.

  • Can anyone help me do a psychic reading please? Should I let it go totally or wait for any future possibilities? Thanks.

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  • Logically I know I should let go since I am at the loosing end. Is this a logic deduction or you did a reading and there is no hope between us? I loved him too much and I once made a commitment that I wait for him for a year or two and that sacrifice of a year is well worth it for a lifetime of partnership.

    Maybe anyone or TheCaptain can help me do a reading to see if there is still hope or I should just totally give up. Thanks.

  • I agree why should you wait for him? Go out with your friends have some fun you deserve someone that will be there for you. Who knows just maybe he is not the one for you. Any don't go looking for Mr.Right let him come to you. In do time, be patient .

  • I think I am leaving it to fate/destiny to tell me to move on or not, as I am still clinging to the slightest possibility of us being together again . Logically, with lots of advice from my friends, if I am able to convince myself, I would have moved on long time ago.

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