Can someone Help Me?

  • Hi all,

    I am currently in a fix. I met this guy like 2.5 months back.It was a kind of long distance relationship and we are some 400 KM away. For the first 2 weeks, we have clicked very well emotionally and we are really into each other then, doing chats, videos, and I would travel over just to meet him. We clicked emotionally and the sexual component is just terrific.

    However, after the 2 weeks, he got his masters, family and work problems and did not have the time to entertain me per say. He has other priorities in life and started to reduce all the communications to me. and 2 weeks ago when I was on a holiday, he broke off with me saying that I was irritating as persistent and however, I met with an horrific accident. fortunately nothing serious injuries sustained and 3 person came to my mind, my parents and him. I guess he really meant a lot in my life.

    Previously, he tried to break up with me twice, using the soft methods, by emailing and calling and saying that he did not have the time to fulfil my desires and not ready to be in a relationship now since he has no time for it and a LDR would not sustain. He previously said that to wait 1 year after his studies is finished and we would see how to proceed from there and there is a possibility that he would move here. He finally ended all communications with me when I was on a holiday. I was totally heartbroken.

    I felt that he is sincere and he is the one for me, but yet, I do not know what is happening now and what he is trying to do. Could anyone do a reading for me to see if there is totally hopeless between us, we would not be able to meet again much less be a couple ion the future, or I should totally give up and move on in life. Note that Iam really in love in him and would wait if the fate and destiny is in favour. Hence now I am in misery everyday and do not know what to do. Can anyone shed some light, be it by tarot or psychic readings?

  • Hence I am asking if I should wait for the time to be right and he would move over and we can be together or I should totally drop everything and move on and forget about him totally? I have commited a lot into the relationship, be it time, money and effort and he seemed to be sitting on the fence all the time and not knowing what to do. Is there a future for us?

  • By the looks of it he has tried to break it to you gently aka ( Wait for one year and then we will "see" how it goes?) that was his first hint. You are wasting time on this man, for whatever reason he doesn't want to continue down this road with you, although he was honest enough to tell you why he wanted out in regards to your extreme neediness, which must have turned him right off as it does to most men. Men don't like neediness in a woman, nor desperation nor being rushed into a commitment.

    Try to learn from this so you don't make the same mistake next time. Don't give more than the other person is giving you, there should be a balance of give and take. Try to not rush in either, take it slow so you can work the guy out instead of working him out after the deed is done, which by then it is usually too late. The neediness, clinggyness, insecurity comes from low self esteem too, there seems to be issues there..

  • Emotionally, we clicked so well and he knows my insecurities and encouraged me that time, and opened me up totally and we were totally into each other and he changed his behaviour totally. We jumped into it totally from the start, and maybe after some careful thinking he felt that it is not the right time. He wanted to break up with me initially because he had my interest at heart and felt that I should not be miserable because of him. I have never felt someone who is as sincere and genuine as he is and I guess I totally fell for him.I am a sun aquarius and moon scorpio and he is a sun scorpio. Hence emotionally we click very well. He too has his issues and is as emotional as I am and I am always there for him if he needed it.

    The deed I have done is just to call him 3 times while he was busy and I did not receive any sms from him which usually I do because my phone is down, and I do not think it is too much. Hence now I am rather in a mess and my fear of rejection is just so high. I have tried to use logic to reason that it is not worth it and all, but somehow emotionally I am not ready to let go. All my friends ask me to give up since I am always the one giving. My inner issues is my fear of rejection is very high due to my childhood issues. Is is so difficult to meet someone who can accept who I am and care for me as a person?

  • " Is is so difficult to meet someone who can accept who I am and care for me as a person?"

    When you start accepting yourself and caring for yourself, I am sure you will attract someone who is the same and who wants the same in return.

    Unfortunately you are looking at this guy all wrong. He is not sincere, he manipulated you. This was not meant to be more than "fun times" I bet you were the one who drove to see him not vice versa? In retrospect it is not his fault either , he is who he is.. and you should know what/who he also, but you don't see clearly because your self esteem is very low. You fear of rejection makes these situations happen. You become what you fear and you believe you deserve what you fear. You're doing it sub consciously...

    Little tips form me.. IF you want to find someone more stable..

    1. If you meet a guy from the net or who lives far away, and you both decide to meet, DON"T drive to see him, let him drive to see you. Or take turns but don't drive to him first and don't drive to him all the time. HE is suppose to come to see you.

    2. Take your time when you meet a guy, doesn't matter how great the chemistry is, be patient and take your time, this way you will be able to work him out quicker. 2 1/2 months waiting period is a long enough, if he was after one thing he will be long gone by then.

    3. Give and take.. don't do more than what the other is doing. Keep balance. Balance in action and in feelings..

    4. Don't call him or text him all the time. Let HIM chase you. Let him wonder what you are up to. Have a bit of mystery.. men love mystery and they love the chase.

    5. Be honest with yourself. I know if you were to be honest about him, you would admit to yourself he played you.

    6. Once a cheater ALWAYS a cheater.. I don't care what his excuse is, if he cheats on you, specially at the start of a relationship, LOSE him. He is no good.

    7. Don't get involved with married men or men who have girlfriends... If they cheat on them they will cheat on you too.

    8. Men like your ex have antennas for women like you.. so what to do? Work on yourself more. Work on your fears, on your beliefs, on your outlook.. Once you feel great about yourself and you feel worth being you, you will meet someone worth your time,because you will give out the right vibes.

  • Thanks for your replies. By the way, I do not mean to be disrespectful, Is this pure logic deduction, or you did some readings? I appreciate your help in this, In any case, I am a guy. and not sure if there is any implications on the nature of our relationships. I hope that i do not get bashed for this, this takes a lot of courage to say to admit this. I did not drive to see him, I flew down to meet him and he hosted me by driving me around then and treating me to dinner/lunches etc. The first 2 visits is heavenly.

    I did some religious divination lots and it said he is the one for me and he would probably move over in a year time, and as said he is really in tune with me emotionally and he can understand how I feel and both being very emotional people I could feel his problems and but right now I cannot see the future since there is no communication and is rather stuck at how this would proceed. By logic and rationalization, I know I am at the loosing end and is just pure stupidity to click on to him but really, I have never met someone as caring as he is for the initial stages.

  • "I do not mean to be disrespectful, Is this pure logic deduction,"

    Yes , pure logic deduction. And I stand by all I said even if you turned out to be male. By the way , your Icon suggests you are female. 🙂 Have a good night!~

  • Thanks. Good Night Dangala. Appreciate if someone can do a tarot or psychic reading based on my situation. Thanks.

  • Well we need logic and reason and intuition to balance our judgments but you cannot allow others to own your will, others do not hold your intuition. You do, so the answer lies within you. No one can tell you your intuition. Its questions that get us to answers but we cannot lie to ourselves.

    " I embrace the divine acceptance and thruth in all my relationships" " I am true to my divine self"

    I am Holly, I am a Reiki healer, tarot practioner, pursuing law and an Army soldier.

    I will state what I will discuss and then do a healing and tarot.

    Your Claim of your Name: Clueless and confused

    You are not trusting yourself and lack confidence in your self, thus you will not attract that in a mate or in a relationship.

    " I left to visit. long travel" you abandon self, therefore you lack self clarity and personal power, thus you attract abandonmentr in relationships

    "we met 2.5 month sex" You allow things to easily they can go very easily too. Your woth on self is not to your divine power right now.

    Its been how long and what other than soem make shift arrangments have you had with this man and you still wonder? You said shall I move foward? How much longer on the fense?

    Move foward anyway!:) What do you have for your self? What is driving you in life because you know you cannot have a relationship untill you are a whole content being, ehatever ypou have inside is what you attract....what is your passion, do you shine your light? You need to become happy on own, how will you bring that into a relationship if you do not have it for self?

    You emulate lack of self contentness, scattered energy and emotions thus he was scattered and fickle......

    Tarot: I will do a best way foward for you, ok:)

    Situation: WOW hun I said on the fence; Judgement:It indicates that higher energies are in motion to assist us in living a new, fresh, wonderful life. Just as the Christ was resurrected to a new phase of life, so too can we transform ourselves and move into a new way of living. A sudden calling, an awakening, a sign of truth and acceptance for a greater purpose, false securities are now aware and we can move of the fense and free ourself from falsity.

    Am I being honest about the way I'm living my life?

    Am I listening to to my higher self and my higher power?

    Am I making sound judgment in this a situation that's been on my mind lately?

    Cause: MOON: Fantacy or illusion causeing more lack of clarity. when we pull this card in a reading it often indicates we're torn between many influences. From the TV that stays turned on for too long to the boss that calls us during dinner - we are distracted by external influences that have taken us away from our core path. This card is a message that we need to reflect upon our life and use our intuitive abilities to determine what best thoughts and actions to take to correct our course.

    What is taking me away from my highest achievements?

    What am I allowing to sway my judgment are influence my decisions?

    Have I strayed from my divine path? What do I need to do to get back on track?

    Main Point of interest: High Priestess: AHA A higher respect for yourself, Worth for your higher self which will be what manifest that divine love but we need to emabrace that energy first before we can attract it sweetie. All that is requested of you to experience this blossoming is an awareness of and respect for the higher forces at work in the universe and within you.

    Am I listening to my inner voice?

    What secrets are being kept from me?

    Am I connected with my higher power?

    What secrets am I keeping from others, and why?

    How can I more clearly understand my life and Purpose?

    Way Foward: now this card is always influencing the following because its a movement card and it carries messages ok..this is key The 8 wands:

    Take a breather, and wait for the next paragraph to write itself on the pages of your epic autobiography.

    I translate the retention of original card imagery to mean a return to our personal integrity, and getting back to basics.

    Do I need to refocus on family and home?

    How can I get back to basics and still maintain the progress I've achieved up to this point?

    To what is this card pointing? Next card)

    What is the condition of my environment?

    Ourcome: * wands enforces this- AHA I said what is your passion, high priestess...what is your purpose? We have now the ACE of WANDS WOW

    Well number one your efforts will pay off, do not give up...this card validates that

    The ace of wands Tarot card meaning is all about taking our internal creative fire in hand and holding it out far all the world to see. Now is our time to spread our warmth, passion, and vision to others. Now is our time to shine as beacons unto the world.

    Am I letting my wants/desires control me?

    Use your available resources to reach your goals.

    Consider your direction

    What is your passion?

    Now is the time to let your light shine ! your light!

    Divine Love

    peace and prosper


  • Based on your readings, my interpretation is as follows, I must say I do not fully understand what these cards say. I should work on my self esteem and confidence and live for a higher self?

    so is your advise asking me to wait and see what is in store for me? and all is not lost and I may get back to him one day?

  • Np you you did not get anything from that, you are focusing on what the ego wants not what is better for your divine self that will attract a real relationship.. Really read skimmed and looked for what you wanted to see, thats so obvious..I cant help you if you can taccept truth and help yourself..I spent 45 minutes on this for you!! it took you what one minute to look into it??? wow

    Divine light humnnnyyyyyy

  • I guess I am still to desperate for him and yes my ego is still talking, to come back to me and your readings mention nothing about him and it is more about how I should work on myself. I guess the point to drive across to me is I should move on and work on my inner self (insecurities, self reflection, self worth, compassion and love to others) to attract any potential partners that may come along in the future?

  • I read the reading and I have recieved readings from turboxs, I am relativly new here..and yes if a reading is mentioning your way foward in regards to a relationship with this man it can tell you your way foward and that does not always mean it to be foward with him.....based on your initial post and whta you say., need to be at a point where you are not desperate: and make peace with self...

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