How often is too often to do a reading?

  • Hi Everyone,

    Could you give me some advice as to how often is too often to do a tarot reading? I'm having a difficult romantic situation right now and I feel really helpless so I've been doing a lot of readings to try to figure out what to do. I'm beginning to think its just confusing me more because the cards seem to be contradicting themselves. Also, do you think that my distress could be producing confusing readings? I'm a novice reader so its easy to confuse me...

    Any advice would be most helpful!

  • ArmyL23,

    I do not read Tarot cards but as a reader I would suggest that you stop reading for yourself now as you are confused and your energy is directed into the cards.

    Praying and asking the angels to help you with this heart felt situtation will help more so than the card readings now.

    I am a clairvoyant reader and if you want to ask me a question I will be glad to answer it for you.


  • Thank you so much for the advice and the offer Shuabby! I really appreciate it. I've stopped reading the cards, the confusion was making me crazy.

    Thank you so much for the offer to answer a question for me. The situation is this: This man and I were dating for about 6 weeks and everything was fine, he always called when he said he would and returned my messages. Last weekend he had to cancel one of our dates last minute for work and since then I haven't heard anything. I have sent him a text and an email and I haven't heard back from either. I don't want to bombard him with any more messages as I have my pride and will not act like a 'crazy' woman. But I'm hurt and confused from his lack of response. I hate being ignored more then anything. If its over or he's just busy I wish he'd tell me. So, my question is what are his feelings toward me? (is that a good question? I've never asked a clairvoyant anything before so I'm not sure... haha) I guess, I would just like some insight into the situation. Anything you can help with would be much appreciated.

  • Dear AmyL23,

    You are a smart intutitive woman that knows when someone is not treating you in the way they have made the impression of being. I feel this man now has cold feet ,and there may be a third party involved here. Sometimes dear men like to taste the forbidden fruit on the vine so to speak and step out of line to do so, as I feel this man has done. You may not hear back from him at all. Not your fault you did noting wrong.

    Lets move pass him now. You will meet a man in a social group that has light hair and he will be a man of means is what I'm being told but does not carry with him a lot of ego , he will be down to earth and have a kind heart. I see an R in his first or last name. He will understand you and want to get to know you slowly. I feel him around you in less than six weeks. Do not think that he will do the same as this other man you just asked about. He will not.

    You have a wonderful Thanksgivng


  • Thank you so much for your insight Shuabby! I was such a kind offer to make and your observations make a lot of sense with what is going on right now. I'm glad you mentioned I did nothing wrong. Its so hard not to blame yourself when everything seems to be going so well...

    I hope you have a lovely thanksgiving too!


  • Hi Amyl23,

    Appologies for my 2cents as I was reading your thread, BUT take heart what Shuabby tells you! Shuabby I think is wonderfull and gave me A LOT OF HOPE WHEN I NEEDED IT, AND ALL TRUE!!

    Greetings and God Bless


  • Shuabby is AWESOME!

    Couldn't have gotten through my situation without her.

    So Grateful......

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