Captain A Little Insight please.

  • Hello dear captain. sorry to be bothering you again, i hope you do not mind.

    Iv been having a few up's and down's lately and i am feeling a little overwhelmed wondering if

    anything will ever change for me. It feels like its all in loops and circles and i am in a bit of a bind.

    Don't know what to do on the love front, my emotions are kind of everywhere, do you have any insight for me coming up something to do with love or anything like that?

    How about my career also. and home life. I just want to know if my efforts are worth the hassle.

    i Don't feel like i have made much progress but other parts of me does. and it is terribly confusing.

    i guess i have too much to think about and thinking about it too fast.

    your insight will truly help as i am having difficult with family too at this time, it is all emotionally draining i can defiantly say that. Some advice and insight of yours is greatly needed and very appreciated, Love and light to you.

    Bee Xx

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  • I feel like you will be totally surprised to find out who your true soulmate is. This person will be the complete opposite of whomever you dream of or what you are attracted to. So keep your eyes and mind open for all possibilities and don't just look for what you are used to, or else you might pass your soulmate in the street without recognising them at all. Lose all your preconceptions. They may not look anything like what you would normally be attracted to but once you begin to talk, you will know you have found your perfect match.

    As to your life, i feel like you get overwhelmed because you focus on too many things at once and then nothing gets done or solved. Pick one thing about yourself or your situation you want to change and work just on that. Forget about everything else - just take life in small easy bites; don't try to gobble it all down at once in your impatience for experience or you will 'choke' (as you are doing now). One thing at a time, eh?

  • Thanks Captain, I appreciate it I guess i have been taking too much on at once hahaha ooops.

    oh well guess i know what not to do now, thank you very much. I have just been low on energy too much i guess i didn't realize i may have been taking on too much at once.

    But i will try and slow down a bit hehehe. Thankyou, and the soulmate sounds interesting thanks agaiin Love and Blessings Bee Xx

  • You can only build a fine house one brick at a time. 🙂

  • True true 😃 Thanks captain, i am a little bit worried about my health at the moment.

    Can you pick anything up at all? know most of it is probably emotional stuff dealing with things

    and stress and anxiety depression and that, but can you pick up anything beyond that i know i probably should change my eating habits too and i am working on that slowly and trying my best, but i have been feeling dizzy for no reason, and i don't know why. planning on making a doctors appointment again. For blood pressure, blood tests and anything else. i was too busy chatting the first time i made an appointment lol and forgot the reason why i was there, I was sorting out counselor stuff. Just let me know if you see/ feel anything beyond it would be much appreciated as i am getting more anxious. whenever your able to there is no rush.

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx

  • I don't feel you have done any permanent physical damage to your body yet. But you have got to stop worrying so much as this will eventually be very bad for you health-wise as you will get into a habit of being anxious. Focus on relaxation.

  • Thanks Captain. Relaxation i will defiantly try

    Love and Blessings Bee Xx 😃

  • Captain, i know this may sound silly but i seem to have missplaced my bank card,

    do you think you are able to sense were it may have gone? cause i cant find it anywhere.

    Thanks for your help, If i manage to find it i will let you know.

    Blessings and Love Bee Xx

  • Hmm, could someone have 'borrowed' it?

  • Maybe, If they have, should have asked me.

    Because i knew some thing was going on, I know my sister had it but she gave it back yesterday, and i left it somewhere on the kitchen side. I ask my mum and she doesnt know,

    so i hope she has not got it,

    Blessings Bee Xx

  • Captain,

    Please forgive me for posting here; Im not sure how to start a request/topic as I'm new.

    Can you tell me if I have reason to follow up on recent tests? I do not wish to undergo unneccessary procedures without due cause.

  • Patchlove, just click on the "Create a new topic" at the top right of this page and I will answer you there.

  • Angelbee, somebody in your home is acting very sneakily and doesn't respect other people's property.

  • Yes i guessed that. do think you're able to pick up whom. i have two sisters one is middle and one is little they are 17 and 17. and my mums boyfriend is also still here.

    Not for much longer though, i know someone has got it because it cant have just disappeared my has said that she does not have it, and i dont know if i can believe her. They now my details as well. would you beable to help me with this one, i am going through a lot can you sense were it is, or where they may kept it? trouser pocket Jeans, hidden somewhere away from me. I know i left it on the kitchen side yesterday and it cant have gone away that quickly. Please tell me if you sense anything more.

    Blessings love and light Bee Xx

  • hahah oops i meant 17 And 14 LOL not 17 and 17 hehhe.

    sorrieh blessings. again captain.

  • Captain, i found it though someone has been sneaky and put it in a place were i looked before, it wasn't there, and when i look again it was. I am very upset by this someone in my family taking my card without asking, i know something is going on.

    Anyways panic over thanks captain, I don't suppose you can sense stuff like who may have done it?

    or any reasons why,

    Blessings to you. Bee Xx

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