Cancer guy...confusion

  • This is kind of a long story, I'll shorten it as much as possible. So about 2 months ago I met this cancer boy (21) at a party. Turns out his mom is my boss. After that party he asked my friend for my number and we began to txt back and forth. Of course I liked him a lot, but we were just being casual, just hanging with out group of friends and all. Then a couple of weekend ago he decides to tell one of my friends he likes me, and of course my friend told me, I was super happy but didn't want to get my hopes up. The next night we hung out again, and somehow my friends and everyone start egging him on to kiss me, but it was so weird and awkward, I didn't let him. After we left he txt me, about it and I told him the reasons why I didn't let him kiss me, and he said he would just have to try again 🙂 So I thought we were good. The next day we hung out and he didn' t mention anything. When I went home I couldn't stand it anymore, so I txt him "I like you" and all he answers is "I know" so I finally said, "okay well do you like me or not" He answers saying I do like you but I'm not looking for a relationship. Of course I was disappointed but, I understood. See he was engaged til like 4 months ago, that also being the reason I hadn't really said anything before, I was trying to just get to know him, and just be friends. But once he said he liked me, I thought that was a green light. Now I don't know what to do, for a couple days after that we still txt and hung out with the same friends, now he barely txts me, but still I see him almost every night. I started to think he was a player because a lot of girls follow him. Plus he talks to one of my friends a lot. A friend that is completely in love with him, and I'm sure he knows. Although I don't think he is attracted to her. She assures me he strings along girls.Which only makes me wonder So I'm really confused, He hasn't text me for a few days, I think he thinks I don't like him. Because I've just been trying to give him space. I like him a lot and I want him! I don't know what to do.There are a lot more details, but this is the overview. Any advise would help. And I'm a Sag. (Dec.21)

    P.s. On the plus side I get along great with his mom and I talk to his little sister a lot. I've read that's a plus?

  • Uh-oh, Cancer guys like to do the pursuing and you turned that around. To a Cancer guy, a woman should be a pretty little homebody and good mother. She is not aggressive or acts like a man in any way. You broke his idealisitc 'code' for the perfect woman. He will just keep on looking for her elsewhere. He's lost interest and moved on. No it won't matter that you get along with his family now. You lost his trust. And he does know you like him - he just doesn't care.

  • PS. Sags have a terrible problem letting go once they're emotionally attached - even when a situation is hopeless - but you must try hard. This relationship is not going anywhere, no matter how much you want it to. Don't waste any more time when your real soulmate is still out there.

  • I am a sag and I let go of two long term relationships because I accept the truth and recognize my highest self and its common sense that if it is not wrking force is only going to make it worse. if I stay and not let go how would I be able to attract and attain a real divine relationship if i do not get open to one? So I cannot believe that she or he cannot let go because of a Zodiac. I have to say from experience that cancer men only because its what I have experienced though not the zodiac book..that they can be easily attracted to woman who will settle down...but what man who is matured doesnt want that? I had a realtionship with a cancer man for 8 months, I am a sag and I pursued is really knowing what one wants. You said he was engaged 4 months prior, well any mature man would need to and want to go get himself grounded first for awhile before pursuing a relationship, in general most men do not start getting there ideals together untill age 25 if they are going to. If one has not grounded themsleves on their own alone and atttained self acceptance thay cannot attract a complete union becuase they are not complet self being. I let James go when he went into the military because I am a sag and can be capapble of seing the reality of the situation as you can to and hey he was going to be shipped to texas and I was not able to make that adjustment and throw away my goals but we did not have any intercourse so we did not allow any temptationsh to throw off the reality of the situation,,,

    take care


  • Wow, you are both right. What I don't understand is how I lost the trust? I waited for him to even mention anything. And I have heard elsewhere that cancers sometimes are afraid of rejection, so many times they don't make the first move? Isn't that just a big contradiction? The letting go part is probably right, I think my Sagittarius self tries to always hope for the best, not letting me move, because I'm always hoping the situation will change. 😞 It makes me very sad that I ruined everything, so there is absolutely nothing I can do?

  • Turboxs, obviously you haven't read the thread where many Sags agree they have a problem letting go. Just because something has worked for you doesn't mean other people have also improved this aspect of themselves. You might have no faith in astrology but there are plenty here who do and you don't have the right to attack people on this forum (or anywhere else) for their beliefs just because you disagree. Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs. As for readings here, everyone can make up their own minds - they don't need your prejudiced two cents to do it. I think what you are really doing is crying out for attention. Stop judging others and get on with your own self-work. It's very wrong of you to push your own agenda here under the pretense of answering people's problems.

  • Nellys17, we can't change other people, nor should we want to. You want your Cancer friend to change his ways for you. All we can do is work on ourselves so that we can recognise the things and people that really make us happy. Why stick with this situation if you are not happy?

  • But I never wanted to change my cancer guy, I don't think I said anything like that.. And I'm not really unhappy I'm just confused, I really am ready to wait if I need to, the question is, should I have any possiblities, If not like you said I should move on. haha I just don't know, I just think that I should just get ove the whole situation. But for some reason I feel like I still have hope. Maybe I'm just fooling myself. That is why I'm asking these questions 🙂

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